Record of the Deepest Vertical Well in Sichuan Basin is Broken Again

Yuanshen 1 Well of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company was successfully drilled to a depth of 8866m, breaking the record of the deepest straight well in Sichuan Basin again.

China drilling 2022-12-02

The Longest Coal-Bed Gas Pipeline in China is fully Connected

The longest CBM pipeline in China, Shenmu Anping CBM Pipeline, has a total length of 622.98km, and the whole line has been completed and put into trial production.

China Gas Pipeline CBM 2022-12-02

Cumulative Production of Nanchuan Atmospheric Shale Gas Field Exceeded 5 Billion Cubic Meters

Since 2017, the cumulative output of Nanchuan Atmospheric Shale Gas Field of East China Petroleum Bureau of Sinopec has exceeded 5 billion cubic meters, and the daily gas output has reached 4.2 million cubic meters.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-12-02

Cumulative Oil Production of the Largest Buried Hill Fracture Reservoir in Bohai Sea Has Exceeded 60 Million Barrels

The Jinzhou 25-1 South Platform, the largest conjoined platform in Asia, has been in safe production for 13 years, and the largest buried hill fractured reservoir in Bohai Sea has contributed more than 60 million barrels of crude oil accumulatively.

【ECF Weekly】Huazhuang Shale Oil Has a Daily Output of 100+ Tons

【ECF Weekly】Huazhuang Shale Oil Has a Daily Output of 100+ Tons

ECF Weekly 2022-12-01

Well Majing 1-1H Has a Daily Output of 930000 m3

The ultra deep horizontal development evaluation well of Southwest Petroleum Bureau, Well Majing 1-1H, has a drilling depth of 7939m and a daily natural gas output of 936000 m3.

China Gas 2022-11-27

More than 100 Billion Cubic Meters of Shale Gas Field was Developed

The first phase of the proved geological reserves of Qijiang Shale Gas Field is 145.968 billion cubic meters, which has been approved by the expert group of the Ministry of Natural Resources. It is another large integrated shale gas field in China that exceeds 100 billion cubic meters.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-11-27

Huazhuang Shale Oil Demonstration Zone Has a Daily Output of More than 100 Tons

The daily oil production level of Huazhuang Shale Oil Pilot Demonstration Zone has exceeded 100 tons, reaching a new level of 30000 tons production capacity.

Project of 'Replacing Oil with Electricity' Set a New Record

In 2022, the coverage rate of the "electricity instead of oil" project of Western Sichuan Drilling Company will reach 80%, and the cumulative electricity consumption will reach 153 million kilowatt hours, +77.79% yoy, setting a new historical high.

Tech Service 2022-11-27

Hubei Shale Gas Potential Reaches 11.68 Trillion

According to the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for the Protection and Development of Natural Resources in Hubei Province, the shale gas potential in western Hubei is 11.68 trillion cubic meters, with an annual production capacity of 10 billion cubic meters.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-11-19

Daniudi Gas Field Accelerates Production of New Wells

Since October, North China Oil and Gas Daniudi Gas Field has put 8 new wells into operation with daily gas production of 380000 m3.


Changqing Research & Develop Electronic Control Integration Device

The largest natural gas ethane recovery project in China undertaken by Yulin Shanggu Natural Gas Treatment Plant of Changqing Oilfield has produced more than 2.5 million tons of liquefied hydrocarbons such as ethane.

Tech China Exploration 2022-11-19

Southwest Petroleum Bureau Produced More than 7 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas This Year

Southwest Petroleum Bureau has produced more than 7.17 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, up 4.7% year on year; More than 100 new wells have been put into production, with a year-on-year growth of 14%.


Technical Breakthrough of CNOOC

The successful development of CNOOC 350 ℃ high temperature electric submersible pump has broken the barrier of steam injection development in China's offshore heavy oil fields.

【ECF Weekly】2022 Weiyuan's Shale Gas over 2 Billion Cubic Meters

【ECF Weekly】2022 Weiyuan's Shale Gas over 2 Billion Cubic Meters

ECF ECF Weekly 2022-11-13

First Large-Scale Application of Jereh Turbine Fracturing Skid Set in China

Jerry turbine fracturing skid has passed the test in Well AHHW2035 in Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, providing support for the promotion of gas turbine fracturing equipment in China.

China Exploration 2022-11-13

Fracturing Construction of Huaye 1-1HF Well Completed

It took 21 days for Huaye 1-1HF Well to complete 197 clusters of fracturing construction in 32 sections, with a total of 4575 cubic meters of sand added and 154,000 cubic meters of liquid entering the well, creating a record.

CNPC China drilling 2022-11-13

World's First Drilling Hybrid Energy Storage System Successfully Tested

The world's first drilling hybrid energy storage system developed by Baoji Oilfield Machinery successfully completed the joint commissioning test in the plant. This marks the transformation of the company's products to green and low-carbon.

This Year Weiyuan's Shale Gas Production Exceeded 2 Billion Cubic Meters

By the middle of October, the shale gas production in Weiyuan, Chuanqing has exceeded 2 billion cubic meters, with a daily output of more than 8.3 million cubic meters.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-11-12

CNPC Logging Has Built a Top Laboratory

The perforating technology research laboratory of CNPC Logging Company completed the normal pressure and high pressure collapse test of the perforating gun pipe, providing test data for the finalization of the company's pipe.

Tech Service 2022-11-06

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