【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

ECF Weekly 2023-09-09

Yangzi Petrochemical Technology Improves the Quality of Hydrogenated Residual Oil

Yangzi Petrochemical Aromatics Plant has carried out technical research on the project of "improving the quality of hydrogenated raffinate oil", and the daily production of "triphenyl" has increased by 2.5 percentage points.

China Petrochemical 2023-09-09

Growth in Output Value of High-Pressure Pipelines for Petrochemical Machinery

Petrochemical Machinery seized market opportunities, improved supply guarantee capacity, and achieved a year-on-year increase of 40% in the output value of high-pressure pipelines.

Sinopec Appears at the 2023 China International Chemical Exhibition

From September 4th to 6th, Sinopec participated in the 2023 China International Chemical Exhibition held in Shanghai with the theme of "Energy to Clean, Life to Beauty".

Sinopec 2023-09-09

A Technology of PetroChina Has Set a New World Record

Pioneer ultra deep penetrating penetrator independently developed by PetroChina has set a world record again, raising the perforation depth to 2258mm, and passed API certification.

CNPC PetroChina 2023-09-08

CNPC Logging Has Built a Top Laboratory

The perforating technology research laboratory of CNPC Logging Company completed the normal pressure and high pressure collapse test of the perforating gun pipe, providing test data for the finalization of the company's pipe.

Tech Service 2023-09-08

【ECF Weekly】CNPC's Operating Performance in H1 in Best Level

【ECF Weekly】CNPC's Operating Performance in H1 in Best Level

ECF Weekly 2023-09-02

Further Expansion of Strategic Cooperation on Electric Drive Fracturing Equipment of Baoji Oilfield Machinery

On April 15, Baoji Oilfield Machinery and Aoais Energy Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aoais") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guanghan, Sichuan. Tang Haiqing, chairman of Aoais Group, Nie Peng, general manager of petroleum engineering services Chengdu Co., Ltd.

Tech Service Cooperation 2023-09-02

China Petroleum's Operating Performance in H1 Reached Its Best Level in History

The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company is 85.27 billion yuan, with free cash flow exceeding 100 billion yuan for the first time. The financial situation continues to be healthy and good.

CNPC 2023-09-02

Largest Submarine Pipeline Terminal in China

The largest domestic submarine pipeline terminal independently designed and constructed by China has been successfully installed in the Lingshui sea area of Hainan.

China Investment CNOOC 2023-09-02

First International Standard in China's Shale Gas Field Has Been Officially Released

The international standard ISO 7055:2013 "Test Method for Drag Reduction Performance of Smooth Water in the Upstream Field of Natural Gas", led by Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company, has been officially approved by ISO.

China Gas 2023-09-02

Guangzhou Petrochemical's First Export of Polyethylene Powder to Europe

Guangzhou Petrochemical's 1060 tons of low-density polyethylene DGL2420 powder products sold to Europe have been packaged and shipped out, marking the first time the products have been exported to Europe.

China Petrochemical 2023-09-02

【ECF Weekly】CNOOC Supplied over 1.5B m3 of Gas to Hainan in H1

【ECF Weekly】CNOOC Supplied over 1.5B m3 of Gas to Hainan in H1

ECF Weekly 2023-08-26

Sinopec's 10000 Meter Deep Well Drilling Adds New Tools

The first domestically produced 365.13mm diameter large-sized sealed graded cement injector from Sinopec Engineering Institute has completed the second cementing operation, setting multiple records in China, including the deepest depth of large-sized casing (5853 meters) and the largest tonnage of c

Sinopec 2023-08-25

Record breaking "Demonstration Well Project" of Sinopec

The drilling of Sinopec Jiaoye 6-Z1HF well was successfully completed, with a drilling cycle of only 20.75 days, breaking nine records including the shortest drilling cycle for onshore shale gas slimming wells in China and the highest daily footage of onshore shale water-based drilling fluids.

CNOOC Supplied over 1.5 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas to Hainan Province in H1

In the first half of this year, CNOOC provided over 1.52 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Hainan Province, an increase of over 500 million cubic meters compared to the same period in 2022.

CNOOC 2023-08-25

China's First Underground Digital Intelligence System for Gas Fields

After the first underground digital intelligence system for gas fields in China is put into use, it is expected to increase the recovery rate of the entire gas field by 3% to 5%.

Service China Gas 2023-08-25

New Records of Shale Oil Horizontal Wells in Eastern China

The Fanye 1 test well group in charge of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum successfully delivered the well, creating a number of high indicators and new records for shale oil horizontal wells in the eastern oil region of China.

【ECF Weekly】China Improving Level of Geothermal Energy

【ECF Weekly】China Improving Level of Geothermal Energy

ECF Weekly 2023-08-21

Production of New Wells in Dongsheng Gas Field Has Reached a Historic High

In the first seven months of this year, the production of new wells in Dongsheng Gas Field of North China Oil and Gas Branch reached 117 million cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 102.14%.


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