【ECF Weekly】Sinopec discusses the development of shale equipment

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec discusses the development of shale equipment

Major Breakthrough in Dagang Oilfield's Domestic First Skid Mounted CCUS Technology

Dagang Oilfield Company adheres to the "dual carbon" goal as the guide to create new quality productivity

CNPC PetroChina CCS/CCUS 2024-05-17

Record breaking for the shortest drilling cycle in North China Oilfield

On May 14th, the Xinghua 1 Ping 5 well of Bayan Branch was successfully completed with a drilling depth of 6017 metersntional method

The first deep coal seam all gas power generation+all electric drive fracturing project in China has officially started construction

On May 12th, at the LGPC2-10 well group electric drive fracturing site of Zhonglian Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. Shenfu Branch

The shale oil development data of Tuha Oilfield has reached a new high

On May 10th, the drilling of Ji2813B-5H well in Tuha Oilfield was completed.


A major breakthrough in the cementing equipment technology of petrochemical machinery

Recently, the marine cementing pump sled jointly developed by Petrochemical Machinery Siji Saiwa Company and CNOOC successfully completed the 7-inch tail pipe tugboat cementing operation on the drilling platform in the eastern South China Sea.

Tech Sinopec 2024-05-13

【ECF Weekly】Unconventional exchange meeting held in Chongqing

【ECF Weekly】Unconventional exchange meeting held in Chongqing

New Breakthroughs in Shale Oil Production Technology in Tuha Oilfield

Recently, good news came from the Zhundong site of the Tuha Oilfield that the Ji2813 and Ji2814 platforms for deep shale oil in Tuha have adopted a combination of "fine cutting+high-strength transformation" production technology

Major breakthroughs in coal rock gas development technology in the Ordos Basin

Recently, the Shuang44-54YH1 well constructed by Changqing Drilling Company of China Petroleum Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company was successfully completed.

Major Breakthrough in New Perforation and Fracturing Technology in Jilin Oilfield

The Oil and Gas Reservoir Transformation Technology Research Center of Jilin Oilfield Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute actively practices the concept of "changing concepts

CNPC PetroChina Tech 2024-05-07

4.7 billion! Another ultra-high investment coalbed methane project in Xinjiang is under construction!

Recently, the Fukang Block Coalbed Methane Development Project of Xinjiang Kelin Side New Energy Co., Ltd.

Development direction of unconventional energy well technology in China

Recently, the "Third Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by the Unconventional Oil and Gas Professional Committee of the Chinese Petroleum Society was held in Chongqing.


【ECF Weekly】Discussion between GWDC and Kuwait Oil Company

【ECF Weekly】Discussion between GWDC and Kuwait Oil Company


High displacement pulse sand addition makes its debut in the Zhongjiang block of western Sichuan

Recently, Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Underground Operations Branch adopted the "high displacement pulse sand addition" fracturing technology for the first time in the Zhongjiang block of western Sichuan

Tech Sinopec 2024-05-02

Significant progress in PetroChina's coalbed methane technology

Recently, PetroChina Coalbed Methane Company has effectively promoted the development of gas fields to a higher level through the dual drive of efficient production and long-term stable production.

【ECF Weekly】The 9th ECF Shale Oil and Gas Seminar was held

【ECF Weekly】The 9th ECF Shale Oil and Gas Seminar was held

China National Petroleum Corporation's latest unconventional energy project opening test

On April 23rd, after half a year of research and development, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) launched a pilot test project for the CCUS-EGR volcanic rock gas reservoir in the Changling gas field of Jilin Oilfield

PetroChina CCS/CCUS 2024-04-25

Sinopec's shale gas fracturing construction record has been refreshed

On April 22nd, good news came from Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield that Jiaoye 18-S12HF well in Fuling Shale Gas Field has completed fracturing transformation and is operating normally.

Solving multiple geological problems in shale gas engineering in the Sichuan Basin

Recently, the new 207-2H well, drilled by the 70695 drilling team of Drilling Company 1, reached a depth of 5103 meters.

Bohai Jereh and PetroChina are conducting technical exchanges.

On the afternoon of April 18th, Tianjin Bohai Jereh Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Bohai Jereh") and PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute conducted technical exchanges on "well repair operation automation technology"


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