【ECF Weekly】Peking University applies for 2 shale patents

【ECF Weekly】Peking University applies for 2 shale patents

China's first successful in-situ gasification of underground coal seams in kilometers

According to Xinjiang Yaxin Coalbed Methane Investment and Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Tech Shale Gas 2024-03-01

Two new discoveries of important shale gas in Chongqing and Guangxi

Recently, the Oil and Gas Resources Survey Center of the China Geological Survey made every effort to promote a new round of breakthrough strategic action in mineral exploration.

China Exploration 2024-02-29

Sinopec Holds 2024 Science and Technology Progress Work Conference

On February 23, the 2024 Science and Technology Progress Work Conference of Sinopec was held in Beijing

The drilling and coring technology of Fuling shale gas field is world leading

Recently, 5 wells on the Jiaoye 66 East Platform of the Fuling Shale Gas Field have completed post pressure drilling and coring work

New Discovery of Deep Oil and Gas Exploration in Bohai Sea, China

On February 25th, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced that deep oil and gas exploration in the Bohai Sea of China has once again been discovered. The newly drilled exploration wells in the Bozhong 26-6 oilfield

-Significant breakthroughs have been made in the evaluation of deep shale gas in the central area of Luzhou, Southwest Oil and Gas Field

On February 23rd, it was learned from Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company that wells Lu 213, Lu 214, and Lu 226 have successively achieved high production through testing

【ECF Weekly】Chinese expert awarded the 4th academician title

【ECF Weekly】Chinese expert awarded the 4th academician title

Bohai Drilling Achieves Performance of 50000 Days and 30000 Meters

The management department of CNPC Bohai Drilling Sichuan Shale Gas Project has pressed the "fast forward" button to resume work and production

A Chinese petroleum expert was awarded the fourth academician title

Recently, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of the United States announced the list of 114 newly elected academicians and 21 foreign academicians.

Tech 2024-02-22

Core drilling of shale oil in key exploration wells in Jiangsu Oilfield, with a depth of over 220 meters

On February 11th, after nearly 50 days of effort, the Yong108 inclined well, a key exploration well in Jiangsu Oilfield, was targeted at the sweet spot layer in the new shale oil formation of the fourth section of the Fuhe Formation in Gaoyou

Discovery of New Shale Gas Scale Rich Gas Zones at the Basin Edge of Sichuan Basin

On February 19th, Sinopec reported good news for the beginning of the year

Diamondback will become the third largest oil and gas giant in the world!

On the early morning of February 13, 2024, Beijing time, there were major mergers and acquisitions in the US shale oil and gas basin.

Global Market 2024-02-19

Fuling Shale Gas Field Newly Launched 19 Gas Wells

On February 16th, it was learned from Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Field that the field has been rushing to build and invest 19 new wells since 2024,

【ECF Weekly】2023 Major Events in China's Energy Industry Review

【ECF Weekly】2023 Major Events in China's Energy Industry Review

How to Promote the Digital Transformation and Development of Oilfield by PetroChina Analysis

China Petroleum Science is orderly promoting the digital transformation and intelligent development of oil and gas field enterprises, creating a unified business scenario template for oil and gas new energy business

PetroChina claims that 2024 is a crucial year for energy efficiency improvement

Recently, the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, the Beijing Laboratory of Carbon Neutrality System Engineering, and the Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy Economy and Environmental Management released nine research reports

CNPC PetroChina 2024-02-15

Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, the English news on the ECF official website will be suspended until February 15th. Thank you!


How can oil and gas companies transform? Sinopec provides suggestions

A major challenge currently facing the world is how to reduce carbon emissions while providing more energy.

The latest stage of China's major green and low-carbon policies

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has put forward clear requirements for "accelerating the green transformation of development methods"


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