"Key Core Technologies" Required to be Broken Through in the Government Work Report

In this year's government work report, in addition to emphasizing the importance of domestic exploration and development and increasing storage and production, the most important thing is to promote key core technology research, digital transformation of traditional industries, research and developm

New Process Was Successfully Tested in the CBM Market

Recently, the CBM well Xinxie 1-2 well fracturing was completed with high-quality fracturing contracted by the Downhole Special Operations Company of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company, marking the first successful fracturing of CBM wells in Anhui Province by the self-associative fracturing fluid process.

CBM China Exploration 2023-02-05

Sinopec Bio Aviation Coal Passed RSB Sustainable Certification

Zhenhai Refining and Chemical's 100000 t / a biological aviation coal plant has successfully passed the RSB (round table conference on Sustainable biomaterials), marking that Sinopec has become the first enterprise in China to obtain RSB certification for biological aviation fuel.

Tech Sinopec 2022-04-28

China's Largest Crude Oil Production Base "Sea Green Power" for the First Time

It was learned from CNOOC Tianjin branch yesterday that by the end of the first quarter of this year, all 29 offshore production platforms of Qinhuangdao 32-6 oilfield and Caofeidian 11-1 oilfield group of Bohai oilfield had been connected to green power supply.

Deputy to National People's Congress: Improving the Management Policy of Renewal of Oil and Gas Exploration Rights

Recently, Tao Guanghui, deputy to the National People's Congress, said in an interview that at present, the first registration period of the exploration right established by the transfer method is extended to five years. The deduction ratio is obviously too high.

ECF China Shale Weekly Review -Dec 5,CNPC and Sinopec Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

CNPC and Sinopec Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. China Releases Green Development Plan Tied to Carbon-neutral Goal. Sinopec Signals Fresh Shale Success With Dongye Deep 2. Sinopec awarded Jafurah Unconventional Gas Walking Rigs Contract.Changning-Weiyuan Unconventional Gas Field.

National Development and Reform Commission Press Conference in November: Plans of Carbon Peak in Some Fields is about to Be Implemented

It is revealed that at present, the implementation plan for carbon peak neutralization in the fields of industry, transportation, urban and rural construction and the action plan for carbon peak neutralization supported by science and technology have been completed.



What China’s 14th Five‑Year Plan Means for Investors

China recently unveiled its 14th five-year plan (FYP) to guide the country’s economic development over the coming five years, along with the blueprint for a long-term strategy that outlines its vision for 2035.

Sinopec Kickstarts Extensive Research on CO2 Emissions Peak and Carbon Neutral

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation has established strategic cooperation with three top institutions on November 23 in Beijing, China , to take lead in a joint research on the energy and chemical industry's carbon emissions peak and carbon neutral.

China-Australia tensions derail Scarborough gas talks

Trade and political tensions between China and Australia have disrupted Australian independent Woodside Petroleum's talks with Chinese investors over the possible sale of a stake in the Scarborough gas project.

U.S. LNG Exports To China Expected To Grow Substantially

After a year of non-existent liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from one of the fastest-growing global suppliers, the United States, to the fastest-growing world importer, China, American LNG cargoes started to travel again to China in March this year.

China removes import quotas on some tax-free oil and gas drilling equipment

China introduced an application-based import quota regime in 2016 to offer import tax waivers for nearly 400 pieces of equipment used in oil and gas exploration, in order to boost domestic energy outputBEIJING: China said it is to remove import quotas on some tax-free onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling equipments used in some specified regions, the finance ministry said in a statement on Monday.China introduced an application-based import quota regime in 2016 to offer import tax waivers for nearly 400 pieces of equipment used in oil and gas exploration, in order to boost domestic energy

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer, Shanghai ChinaEnergy China ForumDowntown, Huangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaFull-timeResponsibility:1. Responsible for international project promotion, including planning, publicity and copywriting;2. Organize or provide assistance to international industry summit, global conferences and other events;3. Responsible for daily communication, marketing, maintenance and following up with global energy institute, governments, associations and energy companies;4. Responsible for market research, including industry dynam

China's energy supply maintains steady growth in first nine months

China has posted stronger capability of securing energy supply in the first three quarters of this year, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA) Tuesday.The output of crude oil stood at 143 million tonnes in the Jan.-Sept. period, up 1.2 percent year on year and ending a falling streak for three years in a row, while the natural gas production grew at a faster pace, increasing by 9.5 percent to 127.7 billion cubic meters, said Song Wen, deputy director of the development and planning office of the NEA.In the same period, China added 64.55 million kilowatts of power generation cap

China gas demand to surge through 2035, coal to still offer stiff rivalry - PetroChina

China's natural gas demand is expected to rise by more than 300 billion cubic metres (bcm) between 2018 and 2035, or 30% of global volume growth, stoked by the country's push to shift to the cleaner fuel from coal, a senior executive of PetroChina said on Wednesday.However, despite the huge growth potential, natural gas still faces stiff competition from coal as a fuel for power generation and heating as China advances low-emission, or so-called "clean-coal" technology, said Ling Xiao, a vice president of China's top oil and gas producer, addressing an industry gathering in Singapore.Meeting p

China Natural Gas 2019-10-31

Gas replacing coal in southern Xinjiang

The Tarim Oilfield in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region had sent 33.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the southern part of the region by May, benefiting 4 million local residents.This amount of natural gas can replace 43.16 million tonnes of standard coal, which is equivalent to a reduction of 29.88 million tonnes of harmful emissions, said PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company Saturday.A natural gas network around the Tarim Basin has been built with four main pipelines and 19 branch lines with total length of more than 2,400 km in operation since 2013.As one of China's lar

China's energy consumption hits five-year record

Growth in China's energy consumption remains robust while the forms of energy continued to diversify in 2018, according to an annual report on China's energy development released Sunday by the China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute.Total energy consumed last year reached 4.64 billion metric tons of standard coal, a year-on-year growth of 3.3 percent – a five-year record, according to the report.Consumption of clean energy, including natural gas, hydropower, nuclear power and wind power, accounted for 22.1 percent of energy consumption last year, up 1.3 percent compared with th

China Energy 2019-04-30

China Boosts Coal To Gas Switching, But Fight On Pollution Gets Tougher

In its fight against coal emissions pollution, China significantly stepped up its coal-to-natural gas and coal-to-electricity switch to 35 cities last year from 12 cities in 2017, but the next steps to curb stifling pollution levels in cities would be much harder, according to Chinese Environment Minister Li Ganjie.A total of 4.8 million Chinese households made the switch from coal to natural gas and electricity in 2018, up from 4 million households who had switched away from coal in 2017, Reuters quoted Li as saying at a press conference on Monday. “The things that could easily be done have a

Giving up gas: China’s Shenzhen switches to electric taxis

One of China’s major cities has reached an environmental milestone: an almost entirely electric-powered taxi fleet.The high-tech hub of Shenzhen in southern China announced at the start of this year that 99 percent of the 21,689 taxis operating in the city were electric. Last year, it still had 7,500 gasoline-powered taxis on the roads. A few can still be found, but electric ones far outnumber them.The metropolis of 12.5 million is the second to achieve this feat in China and the largest. The northern China city of Taiyuan, with a population of 4.3 million, has had only electric taxis since 20


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