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International Conference on Applied Physics

Time:2018-08-23 — 2018-08-25 Location:United Kingdom  England

International Conference on Applied Physics August 23-25, 2018 | London, UK Theme: Exploring the Nextgen Technologies in Physics Physics 2018 Webpage: It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to the world's largest “International Conference on Applied Physics” hosted in London, UK during August 23-25, 2018. which is comprised of thought provoking and interactive sessions which will change the way of thinking Physics. Physics 2018 is intended on bringing new innovations and applications in Physics to gain in-depth knowledge about the existence and working of the universe. Physics 2018 is a platform for the Physicists and students to illustrate their research and innovations to the world. The conference will be organized under the theme “Exploring the Nextgen Technologies in Physics” which encompasses the wide range of innovative and inspiring sessions. Physics 2018 welcomes researchers, students, industrial professionals, exhibitors, and delegates from all over the world to lay a platform for sharing knowledge and experience for the betterment of young researchers in Physics.

EAGE Workshop on Unconventionals in China

Time:2018-09-12 — 2018-09-14 Location:China  Sichuan

A workshop on Unconventional Oil and Gas will be held in Cheng Du, China from 12-14 September 2018. The Technical Programme Committee is being led by Chairperson Mr. Wu Qi (E&P company of PetroChina) and co-chairmen Mr. Zhang Bin (BP China Upstream) and Dr. Bernard Montaron (Fraimwork SAS). This 3-day workshop will set the stage in covering key issues such as drilling efficiency, improved fracturing and completion techniques, well clean-up and flowback, production optimization, development strategies, declination analysis and EUR estimation, integrated workflows for sweet spot mapping, and how to deal with high stress anisotropy.

ECF2018 2nd APAC LNG & Gas Utilization Seminar

Time:2018-10-18 — 2018-10-19 Location:China  Shanghai

ECF2018 2nd Asia-Pacific LNG & Gas Utilization Seminar (ECF2018LNG) will focus on China’s growing demand of LNG import and gas utilization market. Featured topics include natural gas trade, LNG terminal, small scale LNG, distributed energy and gas power generation. ECF2018LNG welcomes professionals and business men from global LNG/gas trades and utilization industries.

WGC 2018- The 27th World Gas Conference

Time:2018-06-25 — 2018-06-29 Location:United States  District of Columbia

The 27th World Gas Conference is the largest and most high-profile global gas conference and exhibition. From June 25-29, 2018, Washington DC is expected to host 12,000 attendees, 500 speakers and 350 exhibitors representing more than 600 companies from 100 countries.

Breakbulk China 2018

Time:2018-03-26 — 2018-03-28 Location:China  Shanghai

Breakbulk China is the largest conference and exhibition in Asia addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics. Breakbulk China’s targeted programming will ensure that you develop skills and strategy to help you do your job more effectively. Breakbulk China workshops are commensurate with your experience level from entry-level Breakbulk Education Day for students & industry freshmen to advanced-level Heavy Lift Technical Workshops.

5th China Gas Turbine Focus (GTF2018)

Time:2018-04-26 — 2018-04-27 Location:China  Shanghai

5th China Gas Turbine Focus (GTF2018) from 26-27 April 2017 in Shangha will be a sharing platform to forecast the current situation and trends of the gas turbine localization of China; to develop a healthy construction mode for China's gas turbine power plant; to prompt the upgrade, independent R&D and operations&maintenance of gas turbine.


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