Coordinating Committee for Geo-science Programmes in East and Southeast Asia is to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of applied geoscience programmes in East and Southeast Asia in order to contribute to economic development and an improved quality of life within the region.

China Petroleum Enterprises Association

China Petroleum Enterprises Association was approved the establishment in 1984 by the former Ministry of Petroleum Industry of China. It’s China's national oil and petrochemical enterprises community organizations. Its members covers China's CNPC, Sinopec & CNOOC and some local oil companies.

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

As a leading think-tank and distinguished academic institution in China, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences was founded in 1958 and is China's oldest institution for the humanities and social sciences. It is the country's second largest such institution, after the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing.

Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange

Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE) is a Chinese state own company founded in 2008. Specialized in climate change mitigation and adaptation services, SEEE provides services to decision makers in the public and private sector on emissions trading, energy efficiency, climate technology transfer and sustainable development strategies.

Energy Forum-the Baker Institute for Public Policy

Founded in 1993, Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy has established itself as one of the premier nonpartisan public policy think tanks in the country. In 1996, the Baker Institute established the Energy Forum, a multifaceted policy program that promotes original forward-looking discussion and research on the energy related challenges facing our society in the 21st centry.

China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau

CPP, founded in 1973, is a professional company of CNPC specializing in pipeline engineering and construction. CPP is dedicated to be China's No. 1 and a world-class international general contractor for pipeline construction, providing service and guarantee the oil & gas strategy channel for China and as an integrated international energy company for the goal of CNPC.

SZ Energy Intelligence Co., Ltd

SZ Energy Intelligence Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a senior energy consultant with comprehensive capabilities. SZ founded Energy China Forum and Shanghai United Institute for Unconventional Resources, all with global recognition and reputation.

Oil and Gas Survey, China Geological Survey

Oil and Gas Survey (OGS), which was founded in 2012, is the only state-owned non-profit institute under China Geological Survey, a subdivision of Ministry of Natural Resources.

Tartan Energy Tech Shanghai Ltd

Tartan Energy Tech Shanghai Ltd was founded in 2014 as a high-tech enterprise and a “Little Giant” cultivation enterprise in Shanghai. The management and R&D team is mainly composed of senior returnees. The company provides high-end equipment and technical services for the development of unconventional energy. It has six product lines including data services, intelligent production control, measu


Asking more from chemistry for 150 years. Created in 1863, Solvay is a global company driven by proud and committed chemists. With our historical anchorage in Europe, our products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy, with one main aim – to improve quality of life and customer performance.


Shenkai is one of public enterprises which is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, petroleum and chemical equipment and technical service as its man business. Stock code: 002278), the company has a number of specialized subsidiaries.

China Huadian Green Energy Co., Ltd

China Huadian Green Energy Co., Ltd


Eni are an energy company. We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably.

SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineerin

SRIPE is one of SINOPEC' s consulting providers, the R&D center of advanced petroleum engineering tech, and the technical support center of domestic & overseas petroleum engineering. It is engaged in the tasks of strategic planning, research, product development and technology application in drilling, completion, logging, well testing, reservoir stimulation and offshore petroleum engineering.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company.

Southwest Petroleum University

SWPU, the second petroleum university in the People's Republic of China, was founded in 1958, and is now administered and supported by Chinese central government and Sichuan province local government, with the latter playing a biggerrole.

Sinopec Key Laboratory of Shale Oil and Gas

Sinopec Key Laboratory for shale oil and gas drilling, completion and fracturing was established in 2016. It mainly focuses on shale oil and gas resources and relies on the advantages of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute in petroleum engineering technology.

Xinjiang Key Laboratory of Shale Oil

Xinjiang Key Laboratory of Shale Oil Exploration and Development was established in May 2020, supported by Petrochina Xinjiang Oilfield Company. The main research directions of the laboratory are hydrocarbon generation mechanism and enrichment law, occurrence state and flow mechanism, fluid-structure coupling and reservoir reconstruction.


Founded in 1958, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology (SAST) is a non-government and non-profit organization. As the largest scientific institution in the fields of natural science, technology and engineering in Shanghai, SAST boasts 184 societies, associations and institutions of different disciplines with 160,000 individual members, who are recognized as an important social force for


Founded in 2008, it is the only high-tech private enterprise specializing in CCUS (carbon capture, utilization and storage) whole industry chain. It specializes in providing customers with targeted whole-chain CCUS program design and energy consumption status diagnosis, energy-saving project design and Tech services such as transformation, oilfield tertiary oil recovery and gas injection (CO2, N2)

Jereh Group

Founded in 1999, Jereh Group is an innovation driven multi-industry corporation specializing in high-end equipment manufacturing, oil and gas engineering and technical services, environmental management, new energy, collaborative innovation of the industrial internet, code-less digital twin designer, massive health and elderly care, etc.

PetroChina Zhejiang Oilfield Company

Founded in Jul 2005, its business includes crude oil and unconventional gas's exploration, development, production, storage, transportation and sales. It has 9 exploration right projects in 5 basins in 8 provinces: Jiangsu, Anhui, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, and Hunan, with 20,500 square KM exploration area. Total oil resources: 70-mil mt. Total natural gas resources: 6.7 TCM.

Aerospace Shentou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is committed to the research and development and application of core technologies in key fields of the petroleum industry, and vigorously promotes the transformation, application and industrialization of aerospace technology into high-end petroleum equipment, oilfield technical services, and integrated solutions for smart oilfields.

Beijing JJC Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd

JJC is dedicated to the development of high-end intelligent equipment for the oil industry. JJC has strong research and design capability. It has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification and API Q1 quality system certification. It also holds a number of important China and U.S. invention patents. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has branches in Tianjin, Xinjiang, Sichuan

Gepetto Oil Technology Group Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, the company has achieved fruitful results in the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas resources such as shale gas and tight oil and gas, and tapping the potential of old wells. Technology and a group of characteristic proprietary technologies with core competitiveness and integrated general contracting service capabilities of geological engineering.


Our team has over 30 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry. Our clients include large corporations, financial institutions, attorneys, accountants, farmers and every day people who need energy advice.

ROSO Group

Founded in 2014, ROSO group is specialiazing in providing and integrating technical research and design, equipment manufacturing, Rental and services for domestic and overseas customers in oil & gas & coal drilling and production industry, especially in high end oil and gas fracturing equipment industry.


The Center for Enegry Governance & Security, Hangyang University, Korea, was started in 2012.EGS’s mission is to conduct dynamic research on today’s energy issues while bringing together groups of energy experts from major countries in the Asia-Pacific with an interest and a capability to engage in the Asia-Pacific region.

US China Partnerships

U.S. China Partnerships is a non-profit entity organized to support and improve U.S.-Sino relations in general and more specifically, to enhance and strengthen all existing bilateral business, cultural and educational relations between the greater Houston region and China with a specific focus on developing one or more new forums focused on U.S.-China energy and health policies and developments.

Xi'an ZhengYuan Well Image Electronic Technology C

The company is specialized in the R & D and application promotion of oil and gas well visualization detection technology. It is a leadingenterprise in the research and development of domestic VideoLog oil and gas well visualization technology and equipment. In 2021, it was recognized by the national high-tech enterprise.


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