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    United States】Quality】Cotton Valley Oil & Gas Assets【Energy China Forum】2018-01-11

    The assets include 44 producing wells (37 operated) on 7,700 gross acres (6,922 net acres), where Sojitz operates 37 wells. A third-party engineering report performed by Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc (NSAI), supports a Total Net Proved PV10 of $36,201,400 as of Year-End 2016. An updated reserve report as of YE 2017 will be released early January. Current net production is ~4.0 MMcfed (95% gas) with volumes expected to reach 5.0-6.0 MMcfe/d with the addition of 2 wells to be recompleted late December 2017.The Taylor Sand (Cotton Valley) has significant upside based on nearby activity. Th

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    United States】Quality】Delaware Basin Oil & Gas Assets【Energy China Forum】2018-01-11

    Premier position in the oil core of the Delaware Basin ▪ 2,880 surface acres in Pecos Co., TX ▪ Average 85% operated WI available ▪ Significant running room for horizontal development ▪ Hearing offers on individual horizons (Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Woodford) Development Potential ▪ Ready to drill, high impact acreage position ▪ Stacked pay intervals of Bone Spring & Wolfcamp for horizontal development ▪ Woodford shale exploration in the area represents significant new development potential Area Activity ▪ Recent optimized completions in the area with promising results. >1.2 MMBOE EUR ▪ Excellen

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    United States】Quality】US Oil & Gas Assets【Energy China Forum】2018-01-11

    The properties consist of 65,060 gross acres (51,035 net acres) -100% HBP across Bowman, Divide, McKenzie & Williams Cos., ND and Dawson, Richland, Roosevelt & Sheridan Cos., MT. There are total of 111-Operated wells including 5-SWDs, 57 Non-Operated wells & 11-wells with ORRI. Average operated ownership interest is 87.5% WI & 70.5% NRI. Average non-operated ownership is 14.6% WI & 12.5% NRI. Significant horizontal potential exists on the properties through 12 behind-pipe recompletion candidatess & 35-viable Madison Group PUD locations. Fresh-water cleanouts provide opportunities to enhance/in

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    United States】Quality】Northern DJ Basin Oil & Gas Assets【Energy China Forum】2018-01-11

    Beowulf Prospect (Northern DJ Basin acreage) in Laramie County, WY.-- ~70% WI (83.5% NRl 8/8ths)-- ~12,330 Gross Acres (~10,220 Net Acres)-- Primary term through 2019 (50% of leases with 3-year extension)-- Leasehold established for dual length laterals. 66 wells permitted and ready to drill. -- Petrophysically defined area: 20’ - 40’ of high net pay. High temperature gradient along oil migration pathway. Thermally mature source rocks above and below.GeologyThe company has analyzed triple combo well logs to map the subsurface for hydrocarbon pay. Subsurface maps show a similar step-out compare

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    United States】Quality】Oil & Gas Assets in Texas & Louisiana【Energy China Forum】2018-01-11

    Three fields in Colorado, Brooks, Cochran/Hockley counties, Texas; One field in Rapides Parish, Louisiana; 68 producing wells; Most of the wells are operated Net production of about 109 BOPD and 52 MCFD; Approximately 13,385 gross acres of leases; Comprehensive data including a third-party engineering report; Negotiated sale.

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    China】Quality】Microwave Steam Plasma【Energy China Forum】2016-04-01

    Syngas & Hydrogen plant with the original Microwave Plasma Technology (MPT)


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