Growing Opportunity for China/US Collaboration on Reducing Oil and Gas Methane Emissions

There is little doubt cleaner energy will play a huge role in China’s ongoing development. It is equally certain that China’s energy choices will have enormous effect on energy systems worldwide.

China suffers natural gas shortage as coal ban backfires

Chinese authorities have commandeered supplies of natural gas to heat homes, forcing chemical plants and factories to shut down.

U.S. shale can’t meet global future needs alone: OPEC

Speaking at an energy forum in China, Barkindo said “the U.S. tight oil has been welcomed as it is, and will continue to be, a key component of the global oil supply mix … However, there is a great deal of uncertainty with technology, economics and geology playing critical roles.”

China Oil Import 2017-12-14

Turner Says Trade Delegation To China Promoted Cooperation On Energy

Lui Baowue, vice administrator of China’s National Energy Administration, told Mayor Turner that his country is looking to Houston-based companies to assist the Chinese to learn to tap its shale oil deposits.

Better U.S.-China economic cooperation than trade war -- American experts

Taylor cited two major deals. One is China Energy Investment Corporation's plan to invest 83.7 billion U.S. dollars over 20 years in shale gas and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia.

China Economy 2017-12-06

Greece can become the energy gateway to all Europe

Greece is at the heart of the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” Initiative – the plan to build a modern-age “Silk Road” linking all of Eurasia.

Multi Pad Drilling Market to witness a double-digit 15% CAGR over 2016-2024

China market is projected to record a significant growth subject to abundant access to shale gas resources.

Made in China – the world energy market of the future

At the moment, China imports a third of its gas use mostly in the form of LNG. Almost all the long-term forecasts for the industry and the plans of the world’s gas producers from Russia to Australia assume that imports will grow.

China LNG 2017-11-27

Two leading SOEs merge into China Energy Investment Corp.

Insiders think the merger and reconstruction will be an example for state-owned enterprises reform.

China Policy 2017-11-21

Energy, not tech or finance, in CEO line-up for Trump's China visit

U.S. energy and commodities firms will make up a major part of a business delegation visiting Beijing at the same time as U.S. President Donald Trump goes to China in November, according to an initial list seen by Reuters.

China: Where natural gas market could boom next

“Growth in 2017 has shown significant improvement over 2016, as government policies to stimulate gas demand growth are starting to pay dividends,” Beveridge says in the report, as carried by Bloomberg.

The next focus for African oil producers

the oil price could tumble to below $40 per barrel very rapidly even if Saudi Arabia seems determined to prevent this scenario given its upcoming Aramco IPO. This doom-and-gloom scenario for 2018 hinges on two key actors of the supply-demand equation: the US shale oil producers as well as the Chines

China Economy 2017-10-24

The Future of Biofuels Lies in China

Here in the United States, biofuels have developed a bad name. A 2007 law mandates the blending of annually increasing amounts of ethanol produced from biomass into our country’s gasoline, and at the time it was hailed as a way for the United States to shore up its energy security while “greening” o

China Energy 2017-09-21

Agenda Update on Sept 20 - ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

​ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit – Conference Agenda

ECF China Shale Gas 2017-09-20

Coal hits a plateau

The revolutions in shale oil and gas and in renewable power over the past decade have been vivid demonstrations of the uncertainties inherent to markets and technological progress.

Sinochem sees innovation as key to reform

Sinochem Group, a key State-owned conglomerate involved in energy, agriculture, chemicals, real estate and financial services, will engage in innovation-driven reform to meet the needs of China's supply-side structural reform, said its senior executives.

China Petrochemical 2017-09-15

China Might Ban the Gas-Powered Car

The country is taking steps to set a deadline to end the sale of fossil fuel powered cars, according to a Chinese government official on Saturday.

China Refining 2017-09-12

Production targets: mergers, asset management and oil output

China’s big three oil companies have already responded to the reforms, led by Sinopec Group, which recently agreed to a pair of private companies, Chentong Holdings Group and China Reform Holdings, taking a 70% stake in SIPC, Sinopec’s overseas exploration and production company.

Private matter: the rise of China’s independent refiners

Meidan also points out that China’s domestic gas output is rebounding as firms respond to pressure to boost production to satisfy escalating demand and hit the government’s environmental targets.

Monopoly money: how will reforms impact China’s big three?

National oil companies (NOCs) CNOOC, Sinopec and CNPC booked $600bn in revenue in 2016 and contributed nearly 9% of all the profits from China’s state-owned enterprises. Beijing has no interest in breaking up that monopoly.


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