【ECF Weekly】China Discovered 23 Large Oil Fields In Past Decade

【ECF Weekly】China Discovered 23 Large Oil Fields In Past Decade

ECF Weekly 2022-09-25

Ten New Drilling Records of Jiaoye 107-1HF Well

Well Jiaoye 107-1HF is completed. The designed well depth is 5531m, the actual well depth is 5537m, the average penetration rate is 13.6m per hour, and the drilling cycle is 39.96 days, which breaks ten records of shale gas wells in the block, including the shortest drilling cycle, the highest foota

Xibu Drilling Set New Construction Records

The drilling cycle has set the best index for deep wells in the block, and the first drilling has refreshed three records in the basin, namely, the deepest 444.5mm borehole air drilling, the deepest dry wellbore empty well cementing, and the highest footage of a single air hammer.

【ECF Weekly】China's First Million Ton CCUS Project Put into Operation

【ECF Weekly】China's First Million Ton CCUS Project Put into Operation

ECF Weekly 2022-09-04

Jereh Helps the Largest Gas Turbine Power Generation All Electric Drive Fracturing Operation in China

The electric drive fracturing complete set of equipment and gas turbine generator set developed and manufactured by jereh are used in the tight gas Jing 77-27 well cluster of Changqing Oilfield to help the largest gas turbine power generation all electric drive fracturing operation in China.

The 100th Power Catwalk of Baoji Petroleum Machinery Went Offline

The 100th new electro-hydraulic catwalk of Baoji Petroleum Machinery was successfully put off the production line, marking the development of oil and gas equipment automation.

Cooperation 2022-09-02

Breakthrough of Continuous Pipe Operating Machine from Petrochemical Machinery

The first domestic SLG630 electric drive automatic continuous pipe working machine independently developed by Petrochemical Machinery was delivered.

The Highest Sand Addition Record of Deep Shale Gas Single Well of CNPC

The fracturing of 203h2 platform was completed, with an average sand adding intensity of 4.61 tons / m, which set the highest sand adding record of PetroChina deep shale gas single well.

Shale Gas CNPC 2022-08-18

【ECF Weekly】Several Central Enterprises Delisted from the United States

【ECF Weekly】Several Central Enterprises Delisted from the United States

ECF Weekly 2022-08-14

Innovation of Xibu Drilling to Achieve Efficient Drilling

The 70139 drilling crew of the Xibu Drilling Company strengthened its management, and the footage this year exceeded 10000 meters.

CNPC China drilling 2022-08-12

Changqing Oilfield Implements "Electricity Instead of Oil" Drilling Pressure in 108 Well Groups

The "electricity for oil" project has been implemented in 16 project groups and 108 well groups of the oilfield. The accumulated electricity consumption for electric drive drilling and fracturing has reached 108 million kwh, replacing 9405 tons of diesel oil and reducing 7806 tons of carbon emission

【ECF Weekly】PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

ECF Weekly 2022-08-07

First Pilot Test of Gas Turbine Fracturing Skid in China

Western Drilling Company carried out the first pilot test of gas turbine fracturing skid in well ahhw2035 in Junggar basin. The fracturing construction was carried out in 9 intervals, with daily efficiency of 4.5 intervals. The injected liquid volume was 1414 m3, the gas consumption was 10839 m3.

Tech Service 2022-08-06

Fracturing Progress of Chuanqing Drilling Company

On August 3, Lu 203H53 Platform was undergoing the completion of fracturing off-site, and the information engineers of Chuanqing Drilling Company completed the fracturing digital field operation as scheduled.

China drilling 2022-08-05

Electric Drive Fracturing of Wibu Drilling Has Broken through 1700 Layers

The electric drive fracturing of the Wibu Drilling has accumulated 1711 intervals, reducing carbon emissions by more than 22000 tons.

Tech China drilling 2022-08-03

Completion of Drilling of an Ultra Long Horizontal Well in Changqing

A super long horizontal well in Sulige gas field of Changqing Oilfield was successfully drilled, with a drilling depth of 7883 meters and a horizontal section of 4443 meters.

Tech CNPC 2022-08-02

CPTEC Set a New Record for the Group in Coiled Tubing Ultra Deep Horizontal Well

CPTEC successfully completed the cleaning and perforating operations of coiled tubing for three wells on the platform, with the maximum operating depth of 6930 meters, once again breaking the record of the group company for the maximum depth of coiled tubing in horizontal wells.

Tech CNPC 2022-07-27

QPI-5000 Fracturing Pump with the Strongest Load Capacity in the World

The bearing capacity of QPI-5000 fracturing pump carried on the 5000 electric drive fracturing skid of Baoji Oilfield Machinery is 1.26 times that of the fracturing pump with similar power. It is the 5000 fracturing pump with the strongest load capacity in the world at present.

Tech Service 2022-07-21

【ECF Weekly】New 1.1 Billion Tons of Shale Oil Were Activated

【ECF Weekly】New 1.1 Billion Tons of Shale Oil Were Activated

ECF Weekly 2022-07-17

Baoji Oilfield Machinery Successfully Developed a New 8000 Meter Automatic Drilling Rig

The first silent 8000 meter automatic drilling rig customized by Baoji Oilfield Machinery for COSL has completed the commissioning and test of the equipment and is about to leave the factory, enriching the domestic automatic drilling rig series.


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