【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

ECF Weekly 2023-09-09

【ECF Weekly】CNPC's Operating Performance in H1 in Best Level

【ECF Weekly】CNPC's Operating Performance in H1 in Best Level

ECF Weekly 2023-09-02

【ECF Weekly】CNOOC Supplied over 1.5B m3 of Gas to Hainan in H1

【ECF Weekly】CNOOC Supplied over 1.5B m3 of Gas to Hainan in H1

ECF Weekly 2023-08-26

Record breaking "Demonstration Well Project" of Sinopec

The drilling of Sinopec Jiaoye 6-Z1HF well was successfully completed, with a drilling cycle of only 20.75 days, breaking nine records including the shortest drilling cycle for onshore shale gas slimming wells in China and the highest daily footage of onshore shale water-based drilling fluids.

China's First Underground Digital Intelligence System for Gas Fields

After the first underground digital intelligence system for gas fields in China is put into use, it is expected to increase the recovery rate of the entire gas field by 3% to 5%.

Service China Gas 2023-08-25

New Records of Shale Oil Horizontal Wells in Eastern China

The Fanye 1 test well group in charge of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum successfully delivered the well, creating a number of high indicators and new records for shale oil horizontal wells in the eastern oil region of China.

Production of New Wells in Dongsheng Gas Field Has Reached a Historic High

In the first seven months of this year, the production of new wells in Dongsheng Gas Field of North China Oil and Gas Branch reached 117 million cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 102.14%.

Northwest Oilfield Sets a Record for Ultra-High Pressure Well Testing Operations

Northwest Oilfield completed the well testing operation of Shunbei 804 inclined well, breaking the pressure record of the oilfield's well testing operation with an ultra-high wellhead pressure of 84.2 MPa.

China Exploration 2023-08-19

High Production of Re-fractured Wells in Fuling Shale Gas Field

On June 25, Jiaoye 2HF well, the third refracturing test well in Fuling shale gas field of Jianghan Oilfield, tested a high-yield industrial gas flow of 176700 m3/day.

Western Sichuan Volume Fracturing Acceleration

Operation company efficiently completed the fracturing operation of section 10 of Xinsha 22-20HF well, with an average operation of 2.5 sections per day, a YOY increase of 25%, breaking the volume fracturing time limit record of Western Sichuan tight gas reservoir.

Tech China drilling 2023-08-17

【ECF Weekly】3 Shanghai Photovoltaic Stations Connected to Grid

【ECF Weekly】3 Shanghai Photovoltaic Stations Connected to Grid

ECF Weekly 2023-08-13

The First Continental Fault Basin Shale Oil Area Unveiled

Sinopec Jiyang continental fault Lake Basin shale oil national demonstration zone was inaugurated. It is estimated that by 2025, the area will achieve 100 million tons of proven geological reserves of shale oil, 1 million tons of new production capacity, and 500k tons of annual shale oil equivalent.

Oil China Shale Oil 2023-08-12

All 9 wells of the "No.1 Project" in Jianghan Oilfield have been drilled

The completion of the drilling of the Hongye 8HF well in the Hongxing area of Jianghan Oilfield marks the completion of all 9 wells of the Hongxing 50 billion cubic meter reservoir expansion project.

China Gas 2023-08-11

Three photovoltaic power stations of Shanghai Petrochemical are connected to the grid

With the addition of three new megawatt level photovoltaic power plants, Shanghai Petrochemical has achieved a total installed capacity of 16 megawatts.

Yangzi Petrochemical's EVA Product Monthly Output Reaches a New High

Yangzi Petrochemical EVA produced a total of 9584 tons of series products, exceeding the plan by 7.68%. It broke through the monthly production of 9000 tons for the third time, setting a new historical monthly production record.

China Petrochemical 2023-08-04

Successful Fracturing of the First Shale Oil Well Outside Jiangsu Oilfield

The completion of fracturing of well kunye 1hf has set four new fracturing records in Sinopec southwest, including the highest fracturing discharge, average single section sand addition, highest single section sand addition and highest sand ratio.

China drilling Oil 2023-08-03

Qinghai Oilfield Shale Oil Large Scale Fracturing Construction Completed

Bohai Drilling Company completed large-scale fracturing construction of Chaiping 3 Well in Qinghai Oilfield, and set a record of 3 segments of one-day fracturing construction in the block.

China Shale Oil 2023-08-03

【ECF Weekly】China Total Mileage of Gas Pipelines Hits 118000 Km

【ECF Weekly】China Total Mileage of Gas Pipelines Hits 118000 Km

ECF Weekly 2023-07-29

Sinopec's First OBN 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Project

The Weixi OBN 3D seismic data acquisition project of Shanghai Offshore Oil and gas company was successfully completed. The project lasted 88 days and completed the 3D full coverage of 131.59 square kilometers.

Tech 2023-07-28

First Domestic Hydrogen Energy Subway Operation Vehicle

The first domestic hydrogen energy subway construction vehicle was offline in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. Compared with the traditional fuel operation vehicle, this vehicle can reduce 225 tons of carbon emissions in the whole life cycle.


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