China Finds Oil In Asia’s Deepest Onshore Well

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has found crude oil and natural gas in the deepest well drilled in Asia’s onshore, striking hydrocarbons in a pre-salt layer for the first time in China.The discovery was made in the Tarim oilfield in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang in a well deep 8,882 meters (29,140 feet), which was first drilled in July last year.Production from the now spudded well in the pre-salt area is expected at 133.46 cubic meters of oil per day, while daily gas production is seen at 48,700 cubic meters, according to a CNPC statement carried by Reuters.It is rare fo

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 19, 2020

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 19, 2020

【ECF News】PetroChina shale oil and gas exploration progress and upstream business development strategy

1 Major advances in unconventional oil and gas exploration in the near future 1.1 Four major breakthroughs and new discoveries in unconventional oil and gas exploration a. A billion-ton extra-large conglomerate reservoir was discovered in the Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin. b. 1 billion ton-level shale oil Qingcheng oilfield discovered. c. A trillion bcm shale gas area has been formed. d. A new field for volcanic gas exploration opened as Yongchang 1 risk exploration well drilled in the Sichuan Basin. 1.2 Ten 100 million tons level reserves formedIn the past three y

CNPC to increase output of oil and gas

China National Petroleum Corp, the State-owned energy giant, is planning to ramp up oil and gas output to more than 200 million metric tons of oil equivalent this year, while looking to raise the share of natural gas output to a record high of 50 percent.The company announced the annual goal during its work conference for 2020 held on Tuesday in Beijing. It plans to invest 5 billion yuan ($726 million) this year on oil and gas exploration.Natural gas capacity at CNPC's Tarim Oilfield and Southwest oil and gas field will exceed 30 billion cubic meters, while shale gas production will surpass 11

CNPC 2020-01-16

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 12, 2020

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 12, 2020

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer, Shanghai ChinaEnergy China ForumDowntown, Huangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaFull-timeResponsibility:1. Responsible for international project promotion, including planning, publicity and copywriting;2. Organize or provide assistance to international industry summit, global conferences and other events;3. Responsible for daily communication, marketing, maintenance and following up with global energy institute, governments, associations and energy companies;4. Responsible for market research, including industry dynam

【ECF News】Weirong Shale Gas Field phase 1 ground project completed mid-term hand over

On December 29, 2019, the first phase of ground project of the Weirong Shale Gas Field Capacity Construction Project completed mid-term hand over.The capacity construction of the Weirong Shale Gas Field is a key capacity construction project of Sinopec. The first phase of the ground project was started on July 5, 2019. The project includes a gas gathering terminal with a pipeline of 15 kilometers. It is planned to be put into operation at the beginning of January with 1 bcm/y transportation capacity.

PetroChina produces 8.03 bcm shale gas from Sichuan in 2019, up 88%

China’s state energy giant PetroChina pumped out 8.03 billion cubic metres (bcm) of shale gas in the southwestern province Sichuan in 2019, up 88% from 2018, the company said in a statement on Thursday.Daily shale gas output at the Southern Sichuan field, the biggest shale gas production base in China, reached as much as 30.97 million cubic metres, it said.The company started to drill 456 new shale gas wells in 2019, with 229 wells having been launched.A senor executive at PetroChina expected that the combined shale gas output at PetroChina and Sinopec to reach 15 bcm in 2019.

CNPC China Shale Gas 2020-01-09

China opens up oil and gas exploration, production to foreign firms

China will for the first time allow foreign companies to explore for and produce oil and gas in the country, opening up the industry to firms other than state-run energy giants as Beijing looks to boost domestic energy supplies.The long-awaited opening comes alongside Beijing’s reshuffle in the so-called “midstream” pipeline business, but experts say the policy relaxation may not draw immediate interest from international drillers due to overall poor asset quality of China’s hydrocarbon resources.From May 1, 2020, foreign firms registered in China with net assets no lower than 300 million yuan

China Policy 2020-01-09

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 5, 2020

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - January 5, 2020

China Discovered More than 1.8 Billion Tonnes of New Oil Reserves in 2019

China's national oil corporation, the country's largest oil and gas supplier, discovered a record high of 1.84 billion tonnes of reserves in 2019.More than 1 million tonnes of oil have been found in the Ordos basin, while over 1 trillion shale gas have been explored in the Sichuan and Tarim basins.According to the company, the results are due to intensive research and technological innovations.

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 29, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 29, 2019


【ECF News】South Sichuan Shale Gas Field production exceeds 30 MMcm/d

On December 22, the daily output of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company reached 94.25 million cubic meters, marking the completion of an annual production capacity of 30 billion cubic meters.Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company accelerated the development of shale gas, implemented integration of geological engineering, and increased single well production. The daily output of the South Sichuan shale gas field exceeded 30 million cubic meters on December 22, and a large-scale gas field with an annual capacity of 10 billion cubic meters was built. This year, South Sichuan shale gas is ex

China Shale Gas 2019-12-27

【ECF News】Daqing Oilfield: Strengthening exploration of shale oil and tight oil

On December 21-22, Daqing Oilfield Company held the 2019 Oil and Gas Exploration Technology Symposium.Exploration results in 2019Songliao tight oil technology and management innovation driveTight oil production exceeds one million tonsSongliao shale oil advanced advance preparationShowing great exploration potentialOil and gas exploration tasks and exploration ideas for the next 5 years in Daqing OilfieldWin the battle for shale and tight oil explorationCreate a new situation of peripheral scale production

China Shale Oil 2019-12-26

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 22, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 22, 2019

【ECF News】Deepest shale gas pilot test well successfully fractured

On December 11, the well Zu 202 H2-2, which was contracted by the fracturing engineering department of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company, was successfully fractured. The depth of this well is 6366 meters, which is currently the deepest well in domestic shale gas pilot test fracturing wells, and it is also the deepest well of CNPC shale gas developoment. This well uses a large fluid volume, large displacement, large sand volume, low viscosity and high density fracture completion technology to overcome the difficulties of well depth and high pressure, and complete the construction with hig

China Set to Add 1.2 Billion Tonnes to Proved Petroleum Reserves This Year

China expects to add 1.2 billion tonnes to its proved petroleum reserves in 2019, 25% more than was added in 2018, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing an industry conference.The country also expects to add new natural gas reserves of 1.4 trillion cubic metres, 68% more than it added last year.Crude oil production is seen reaching 191 million tonnes (£36.77 billion), according to Xinhua.China will accelerate ocean and deep water oil and gas exploration in 2020, it added, after investment in upstream exploration and developments was seen reaching 332.1 billion yuan ($47.18 billion) this

China Crude Oil 2019-12-18

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 15, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 15, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 8, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - December 8, 2019

Petrochina sees 2019 shale gas output at 7.8-8 bln cubic meters

Petrochina sees its shale gas production at 7.8-8 billion cubic meters in 2019, rising to 12 billion cubic meters next year, its vice president Li Luguang said at an industry conference on Thursday.Li also pegged the combined output of Petrochina and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec, at 15 billion cubic meters this year.

China Shale Gas 2019-12-06

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