New Progress in Development of 1 Billion Ton Oil Fields in Xinjiang

The turbine fracturing skid manufactured by Jereh completed its domestic debut in well ahhw2035 in Xinjiang and successfully passed the pilot test, providing data for gas turbine fracturing equipment.

【ECF Weekly】PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

ECF Weekly 2022-08-07

The first shale gas well in the Middle Gas Layer Obtained High-Yield Gas Flow

Jiaoye 197-22HF Well, the first shale gas well in the middle gas layer of East China Petroleum Bureau, has tested high-yield commercial gas flow.

Annual Natural Gas Output of Southwest Oil and Gas Exceeded 5 Billion Cubic Meters

As of August 4, the Southwest Oil and Gas Company has produced 5.035 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, an increase of 10% over the previous year, and the daily natural gas output has remained above 23 million cubic meters.

China Gas China Oil 2022-08-05

Drilling of Shale Gas Investigation Project in the Middle Yangtze Region

The Xiangshaodi 1 Well constructed by Hunan Xiangmei Geological Engineering Survey Co., Ltd. was officially drilled a few days ago, marking shale gas survey entering a new phase.

Successful Fracturing of the First Horizontal Well of Coalbed Methane in Huabei Oilfield

The fracturing construction of well Jiping 3 was successfully completed, which is the first fracturing horizontal well in Coal Group V of low rank coal in North China Oilfield.

West Sichuan Gas Field Obtained Another High-Yield Wells

The Southwest Petroleum Bureau obtained high-yield industrial gas flow from Pengzhou 5-1d well, a horizontal well in Sichuan Basin, with a daily natural gas production of 950000 cubic meters.

Fracturing Work in Central Hebei Breaks Two Records

YS69050 team of Bohai Drilling Company completed the fracturing construction with the maximum displacement of 16.24 cubic meters per minute and the amount of sand entering the well in the third section of 200.17 cubic meters, breaking the two records of the maximum displacement of fracturing and the

Tech China drilling 2022-07-30

Fuling Gas Field Obtains High-Yield Oil and Gas Flow

Xingye L1HF well in Fuling Shale Gas Field of Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield has completed the test and obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow, including oil production of 43.9 m3 / day and gas production of 14400 m3 / day.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-07-30

Construction of the Largest Ultra Deep Condensate Gas Field in China Started

Construction of the 10billion cubic meter production capacity project in the ultra deep gas area of Tarim Oilfield started, marking the development of China's largest ultra deep condensate field.

COSL Completes the First Batch of Deep Coal Seam Well Fracturing Operations

The fracturing construction of the first two deep coal seam wells of COSL was completed. The amount of fluid entering a single well is more than 2000 m3, the amount of sand entering a single well is 200 m3, the construction displacement of a single well is up to 14 m3 / min, and the number of constr

Service CNOOC 2022-07-27

Cumulative Production of North China Oil and Gas Filed Well J66-4-7 Exceeds 9 Million Cubic Meters

The cumulative gas production of well J66-4-7 of North China Oil and Gas Company exceeds 9million cubic meters. The well has been in continuous production for 390 days with stable production.

China Gas 2022-07-25

First 100 billion m3 Gas Field Project in Bohai Bay Area

The commencement of natural gas terminal projects promoted by CNOOC and Binzhou Government marks the construction of Bozhong 19-6 condensate field Phase I, the largest condensate field in eastern China and the first 100 billion cubic meters gas field in Bohai Bay.

Cooperation CNOOC 2022-07-23

700 Wells in Fuling Gas Field Was Put into Production

Jiaoye 85-s3hf well in Fuling Shale Gas Field of Jianghan Oilfield was successfully put into production, with 700 wells in the gas field.

Completion of the First Tight Oil Development Well in Jidong Oilfield

On July 17, the first tight oil development well Gao 31 Ping 8 in Gao 5 fault block of Jidong Oilfield was successfully completed, marking the implementation stage of deep tight oil development in this oilfield.

China Exploration 2022-07-21

Tarim Oilfield Has Produced 150 Million Tons of Condensate Oil

PetroChina announced that the production of condensate oil and gas in Tarim Basin exceeded 150 million tons, and the annual oil and gas equivalent exceeded 12million tons.

China Oil Output Oil 2022-07-19

Commencement of Puguang Gas Field Tight Gas and Shale Gas Project

The continental tight gas and shale gas projects of Puguang gas field in Zhongyuan Oilfield have been started. The project is expected to build a new annual production capacity of 193million cubic meters, involving drilling, gas production, surface gathering and transmission, new 35 kV power supply

Drilling of Huaye 1-1HF Well Set a Number of Records

Huaye 1-1HF well, which was drilled by East China Petroleum Engineering, has completed drilling, setting a number of records such as the deepest completed drilling in Jiangsu Oilfield and the highest single day footage in horizontal section.

【ECF Weekly】New 1.1 Billion Tons of Shale Oil Were Activated

【ECF Weekly】New 1.1 Billion Tons of Shale Oil Were Activated

ECF Weekly 2022-07-17

1.1 Billion Tons of Shale Oil Resources Were Activated

Hua 2 HF Well in Subei Basin of Jiangsu Oilfield has made a breakthrough in the new formation of subsection IV. after fracturing, the daily oil output of more than 30 tons and natural gas of more than 1500 cubic meters were obtained by blowout with a 3.5mm nozzle. It marks the activation of 1.1 bill


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