3D Full-Field and Pad Geomechanics Models Aid Shale Gas Field Development in China

The oilfield-development plan (ODP) for a shale gas field at the southern edge of the Sichuan Basin in China started in early 2014. The first wells drilled in the field and its adjacent blocks experienced significant challenges, such as severe mud losses, stuck tools, losses in the hole, high treati


Agenda Update on Sept 20 - ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

​ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit – Conference Agenda

ECF China Shale Gas 2017-09-20

China now one of world’s top-3 shale gas producers

This year, many state departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, have proposed to promote natural gas exploitation, hoping to make natural gas a major resource in the country’s modern system of clean energy. It is hoped that natural gas will make up 10% of the country’s p

China Shale Gas 2017-09-19

Eni inks cooperation deal with China's CNPC

Eni signed a cooperation agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) on Wednesday in a move that could give the Italian oil major greater access to the Chinese market.

China's dry hot rock development lead to global sensory reserves available millennium can solve the problem of haze

recently, scientists in the qinghai republic of the basin, the first drilling of 236 degrees celsius high temperature dry hot rock.

China Gas Industry: Massive gas field discovered in Shanxi

Shanxi province is China's largest coal producer. But as the country carries out energy reforms, Shanxi has been reducing coal production and developing clean energy.

China Shale Gas 2017-09-12

CNPC, Guangdong Sign Strategic Deal On S. China Sea Methane Hydrate

The government said it would "actively develop" methane hydrate over the 2016-2020 period, although industry experts have said there is no technology yet to commercially unlock the potential energy source. ​

Marine Exploration 2017-09-11

China Merchants Group Is Said to Explore Offshore Rig Deals

The company's China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. unit makes semi-submersible rigs and other offshore equipment at facilities in eastern China's Jiangsu province and the southern coastal city of Shenzhen.

China gains edge in mining combustible ice

China's success in mining gas hydrate in the South China Sea is a breakthrough that could revolutionize the global energy industry, and prove more significant than the United States' shale gas, experts said.

China Exploration Tech 2017-09-08

Sinopec makes shale gas discovery

The discovery well Dingye 4 flowed 205,600 cubic metres per day in mid-August, showing that the Dingshan structure holds shale gas. The Dingshan structure, in the southeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, is located 150 km from the company’s producing Fuling shale gas field, which is the most prolific

China Shale Gas 2017-09-08

China's Landmark Extraction of Hot Dry Rock Could Accelerate Its Geothermal Energy Development

HDR, buried 3,000 to 10,000 meters underground, is a dense, impermeable, high temperature rock without water or steam. Through new geothermal energy, which operates at temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius, it can be widely used in power generation, heating and oil exploitation.

Scientists collect HDR under Earth’s surface

Zhang said that compared with the traditional hydrothermal and geothermal, the HDR is solid with higher temperature and rich energy content. "Moreover, the exploitation of HDR would not cause environmental hazards and will be hardly impacted by environmental factors."

China Exploration 2017-09-07

China's shale gas extraction drives in fast lane

The country plans to raise its annual shale gas production to 80-100 billion cu b by 2030.

China Shale Gas 2017-09-07

Combustible ice heralds clean energy

China's success in mining gas hydrate in the South China Sea is a breakthrough that could revolutionize the global energy industry, and prove more significant than the United States' shale gas, experts said.

China Becomes World’s Third-Largest Shale Gas Producer

Last year, China pumped almost 8 billion cubic meters of shale gas. The annual result was a 76.3-percent improvement on 2015, China’s Ministry of Land and Resources said – a record amount. Investments in shale gas exploration reached US$1.3 billion.

Baker Hughes pegs U.S. oil-rig count as unchanged

Baker Hughes(BHGE)announced last Friday (September 1st) that the drilling activity has remained constant in the United States, compared with last week.

Global Market 2017-09-04

China auctions exploration rights for shale gas

The auction plays a significant role in the reform of the exploration rights of China's oil and gas industry, according to an official with the provincial department of land and resources.


Efficiency gains fail to boost bottom line for oil and gas drillers: report

Analysts at GMP FirstEnergy say rigs are drilling more than a third deeper in an average day in 2017 than they were in 2014 but their average earnings per day has actually fallen by a quarter, from more than $26,000 in 2014 to less than $20,000 now.


China auctions exploration rights for shale gas

China auctioned the exploration rights for a shale gas mine Friday, the first such auction in the country.

Demand for LNG to Surge Amid Delayed Exploration

Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is expected to increase as Philippine output drops amid lower oil prices and maritime disputes in the South China Sea, a recent study by BMI Research showed.


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