Energy China Forum for Shale Gas

Energy China Forum Introduction

Energy China Forum for Shale Gas is a leading China energy think tank and research & consulting institution in Asia, focus on multilayer China energy development & integration among Governmental Energy Agency, Private Energy Enterprise, R&D and Financial Institution from policy/strategy development, market standard establishment, business practice development & a wide range of consulting practice, to bring efficient, sustainable, environmental, and green energy solution to China.

Energy China Forum for Shale Gas is an independent energy platform supported by China National Energy Regulatory Agency (NEA, NDRC, MLR), China National Energy Corporation, CCOP of Asia, and International Energy Corporations along with Shanghai Municipality.

Founded in 2011, Energy China Forum for Shale Gas membership consists of: policy research institutions, environmental protection of the oil equipment companies, financial institutions, universities, research units (China, the United States, Britain, Poland, Greece, India, Japan, South Korea, more than 50 countries and regions)

Energy China Forum for Shale Gas to establish a research and development center with corporate communication, and jointly promote unconventional oil and gas industry standards, technical research and development and business cooperation.

Energy China Forum for Shale Gas is exploring the establishment of China's first energy, trade, technology, equipment, supply chain, financial investment, legal advice and insurance services.

ECF China Forum for Shale Gas’s Initiator



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