Customized Data

Based on our 13 years China energy consulting experience and data bank, ECF provides customized data services with wide coverage and accurate analysis.

China energy database resource coverage:

Petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, refinery, non conventional oil and gas, coal, electricity, new energy and other major energy industry more than 100 kinds of products;

Including import and export volume, output, consumption, price, efficiency, enterprises, factories, equipment manufacturing, such as annual, quarterly and monthly data;

The data is divided into 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and can be customized to the prefecture level city;

Historical data can be covered up to 2003;

Our data advantage:

Sootac China Chinese energy data covering the fossil energy, new energy, electricity, petroleum and chemical industry etc. the main energy of more than 100 kinds of products or industries, including the cooperation of industry data, official statistics released the sootac survey data, purchased from the world-renowned consulting firm in the database, and the authority of the third party shared database and other open the authoritative statistical data collection channels. When there is a need for data customization services, Yung Chi will conduct first-hand data collection and research work to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and pertinence of the data.

Sootac since 2003 to China energy industry consulting and research service, and set up a database of energy, after 10 years of industry research and market research and expert team building, establish a sound data acquisition, data filtering, data optimization, data statistics, data analysis, combined with the government, institutions, enterprises and other third party a variety of channels of data from a professional point of view, and with its own industry experience and senior from more than 100 domestic and international authoritative expert consultants, to provide effective, depth, scientific database services, to help customers dig market information, understand the market trend.

Industry data forms include:

The data of import and export trade data output data consumption data benefit data price data of enterprise information data of energy product / industry index data capacity and production data of market sales data and energy industry data requirements of the manufacture of other customers customized industry data

Industry statistics include:

Long term data statistics annual / quarterly / monthly / daily data overseas country / China / region / provincial data other customer requirements custom statistics

Partial data sources:

State Administration of Customs General Administration of China National Development and Reform Commission National Energy Bureau Ministry of land and Resources Ministry of international energy energy enterprise trade enterprise industry association other third party

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