Xinjiang Oilfield Starts Zero Carbon Oil Recovery Mode

The success of the "intelligent inter pumping + off grid photovoltaic power generation" technology in the exploration wells of Xinjiang Oilfield marks a step forward in the exploration of zero carbon oil recovery mode.

New Progress in Development of 1 Billion Ton Oil Fields in Xinjiang

The turbine fracturing skid manufactured by Jereh completed its domestic debut in well ahhw2035 in Xinjiang and successfully passed the pilot test, providing data for gas turbine fracturing equipment.

Sinopec Developed the Microseismic Software Support

The Fraclistener microseismic software system developed by Sinopec Geophysical Exploration Institute has completed 50 exploration wells / risk assessment wells and more than 750 sections of microseismic monitoring services, and has obtained 38 national invention patents.

Tech Service Sinopec 2022-08-09

Onshore Drilling Scale of CPTEC is the World's Largest

At present, ChinaPetroleum Technical Service Corporation (CPTEC) has become the one with the most complete business chain, the geophysical exploration service provider with the largest market share and the largest onshore drilling contractor in the world.

Changqing Oilfield Implements "Electricity Instead of Oil" Drilling Pressure in 108 Well Groups

The "electricity for oil" project has been implemented in 16 project groups and 108 well groups of the oilfield. The accumulated electricity consumption for electric drive drilling and fracturing has reached 108 million kwh, replacing 9405 tons of diesel oil and reducing 7806 tons of carbon emission

High Efficiency Interfacial Steric Surfactant Technology in China

It is the first time in China that the high-efficiency interfacial steric surfactant developed with domestic raw materials has been tested in Daqing oil field, and the price is half lower than that of foreign countries.

【ECF Weekly】PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

PetroChina SW. Oil&Gasfield Produce 5 Bil M3/yr

ECF Weekly 2022-08-07

First Pilot Test of Gas Turbine Fracturing Skid in China

Western Drilling Company carried out the first pilot test of gas turbine fracturing skid in well ahhw2035 in Junggar basin. The fracturing construction was carried out in 9 intervals, with daily efficiency of 4.5 intervals. The injected liquid volume was 1414 m3, the gas consumption was 10839 m3.

Tech Service 2022-08-06

The first shale gas well in the Middle Gas Layer Obtained High-Yield Gas Flow

Jiaoye 197-22HF Well, the first shale gas well in the middle gas layer of East China Petroleum Bureau, has tested high-yield commercial gas flow.

Fracturing Progress of Chuanqing Drilling Company

On August 3, Lu 203H53 Platform was undergoing the completion of fracturing off-site, and the information engineers of Chuanqing Drilling Company completed the fracturing digital field operation as scheduled.

China drilling 2022-08-05

Drilling of Shale Gas Investigation Project in the Middle Yangtze Region

The Xiangshaodi 1 Well constructed by Hunan Xiangmei Geological Engineering Survey Co., Ltd. was officially drilled a few days ago, marking shale gas survey entering a new phase.

Electric Drive Fracturing of Wibu Drilling Has Broken through 1700 Layers

The electric drive fracturing of the Wibu Drilling has accumulated 1711 intervals, reducing carbon emissions by more than 22000 tons.

Tech China drilling 2022-08-03

Completion of Drilling of an Ultra Long Horizontal Well in Changqing

A super long horizontal well in Sulige gas field of Changqing Oilfield was successfully drilled, with a drilling depth of 7883 meters and a horizontal section of 4443 meters.

Tech CNPC 2022-08-02

Successful Fracturing of the First Horizontal Well of Coalbed Methane in Huabei Oilfield

The fracturing construction of well Jiping 3 was successfully completed, which is the first fracturing horizontal well in Coal Group V of low rank coal in North China Oilfield.

West Sichuan Gas Field Obtained Another High-Yield Wells

The Southwest Petroleum Bureau obtained high-yield industrial gas flow from Pengzhou 5-1d well, a horizontal well in Sichuan Basin, with a daily natural gas production of 950000 cubic meters.

Fracturing Work in Central Hebei Breaks Two Records

YS69050 team of Bohai Drilling Company completed the fracturing construction with the maximum displacement of 16.24 cubic meters per minute and the amount of sand entering the well in the third section of 200.17 cubic meters, breaking the two records of the maximum displacement of fracturing and the

Tech China drilling 2022-07-30

Fuling Gas Field Obtains High-Yield Oil and Gas Flow

Xingye L1HF well in Fuling Shale Gas Field of Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield has completed the test and obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow, including oil production of 43.9 m3 / day and gas production of 14400 m3 / day.

Shale Gas China Gas 2022-07-30

Construction of the Largest Ultra Deep Condensate Gas Field in China Started

Construction of the 10billion cubic meter production capacity project in the ultra deep gas area of Tarim Oilfield started, marking the development of China's largest ultra deep condensate field.

CPTEC Set a New Record for the Group in Coiled Tubing Ultra Deep Horizontal Well

CPTEC successfully completed the cleaning and perforating operations of coiled tubing for three wells on the platform, with the maximum operating depth of 6930 meters, once again breaking the record of the group company for the maximum depth of coiled tubing in horizontal wells.

Tech CNPC 2022-07-27

COSL Completes the First Batch of Deep Coal Seam Well Fracturing Operations

The fracturing construction of the first two deep coal seam wells of COSL was completed. The amount of fluid entering a single well is more than 2000 m3, the amount of sand entering a single well is 200 m3, the construction displacement of a single well is up to 14 m3 / min, and the number of constr

Service CNOOC 2022-07-27

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