【ECF Weekly】3 Oil Companies Wins China Industrial Award

【ECF Weekly】3 Oil Companies Wins China Industrial Award

ECF Weekly 2023-03-26

China Industrial Awards Announced, Three Oil Companies Listed

The China Industrial Award is the highest award in China's industrial field approved by the State Council and is selected every two years. A total of one oil and gas enterprise and two oil and gas enterprises have won awards for two projects.

China Policy 2023-03-25

Deepest 1000 Ton Well on Land in Asia

The converted oil and gas equivalent of Shunbei 84 deviated well in Northwest Oilfield is 1017 tons, with a vertical depth of 8937.77 meters, making it the deepest 1000 ton well on land in Asia.

First Ultra Large Displacement Fracturing of Changqing Shale Oil Completed

Changqing Downhole Technology Operation Company of Chuanqing Drilling Company successfully completed the first ultra large displacement fracturing construction of shale oil in Changqing area on the H151 platform.

Oil China Shale Oil 2023-03-25

Commissioning of PetroChina Shale Gas Test and Production Integration System

The key equipment and automatic control system for shale gas testing and production integration developed by China Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute has been successfully put into operation in Zhejiang Oilfield.

Shale Gas China Gas 2023-03-25

Shallow Shale Gas Discovery in Northern Guizhou

In the Shixi Syncline and Liangyan Syncline of the North Guizhou Experimental Area, significant discoveries of shallow and ultra-shallow shale gas (buried at a depth of more than 500m) in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation were obtained.

Shale Gas China Gas 2023-03-25

First Fracturing of Daqing Oilfield Zhaoye Well 1H Was Successful

On the afternoon of June 13, the fracturing construction of Zhaoye 1H well, a shale oil horizontal well in Daqing Oilfield, which was undertaken by the 13th fracturing team of Bohai Drilling Company, officially started.

China drilling 2023-03-25

【ECF Weekly】Conglin Has 34 Billion M3 Shale Gas Resources

【ECF Weekly】Conglin Has 34 Billion M3 Shale Gas Resources

ECF Weekly 2023-03-19

Conglin Town Has 34 Billion Cubic Meters of Shale Gas Resources

In Conglin Town, the favorable area for shale gas resources covers an area of 37 square kilometers, with a resource amount of 34 billion cubic meters.


Daily Crude Oil Production of Qinghai Oilfield Increased by over 100 Tons Compared to the Beginning of the Year

Qinghai Oilfield has completed oil well fracturing construction for 66 wells and 167 intervals. The daily crude oil production increased by over 100 tons compared to the beginning of the year.

China Exploration 2023-03-18

Completion of the Deepest Shale Gas Well in South Sichuan

Southwest Oil and Gas Field has completed drilling at 7015m from Well 205H1-8, with a vertical depth of 4112.11m and a horizontal section length of 2660m, setting a record for the deepest shale gas well and the longest horizontal section in South Sichuan.

Shale Gas China Gas 2023-03-18

Deepest Vertical Kiloton Well on Land in Asia

Sinopec Shunbei 84 deviated well test obtained oil and gas equivalent of 1017 tons. The vertical depth of the well is 8937.77 meters, making it the deepest 1000 ton well on land in Asia.

China Exploration 2023-03-18

First 150000 Ton Transformation Development Mode Demonstration Area in China

The experimental zone for transforming the development mode of Yuan284 has achieved a daily oil output of over 500 tons, and has built the first 150000 ton demonstration zone in China, increasing production by more than five times.

【ECF Weekly】"Key Core Technologies" in Government Work Report

"Key Core Technologies" in Government Work Report

ECF Weekly 2023-03-13

"Key Core Technologies" Required to be Broken Through in the Government Work Report

In this year's government work report, in addition to emphasizing the importance of domestic exploration and development and increasing storage and production, the most important thing is to promote key core technology research, digital transformation of traditional industries, research and developm

Longest Record of Horizontal Expansion Tube Wellbore Reconstruction in China

The Downhole Operation Company completed the re-fracturing test of Mahu reconstruction, with a total of 116 pieces of 1071.64 meters, breaking the record for the longest reconstruction of expansion pipes in the horizontal section in China.

Tech Service 2023-03-10

CNPC Another New Energy Company Was Established

PetroChina established a new energy company in Sichuan - Sichuan West Oil New Energy Co., Ltd. The company's business scope includes carbon emission reduction, carbon conversion, carbon capture, carbon storage technology research and development.

China Investment 2023-03-10

New Breakthrough in Reef and Shoal Exploration in Northeast Sichuan

The test of Xuantan 1 well in the area of Permian reef and shoal in northeast Sichuan of Southwest Oil and Gas Field obtained 1086000 cubic meters of high-yield industrial gas flow per day.

China Exploration 2023-03-10

China University of Petroleum Won a CCUS Project of National Energy Group

The National Energy Group announced that the University of Petroleum of China won the bid for "Yulin Chemical Million Ton CCUS Site Selection and Key Technology Research Project with Different Geological Conditions".

CCS/CCUS 2023-03-10

【ECF Weekly】Yichang Urban Development Wins Shale Gas Right

【ECF Weekly】Yichang Urban Development Wins Shale Gas Right

ECF Weekly 2023-03-05

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