【ECF Weekly】Dai Houliang plans for the direction of PetroChina

【ECF Weekly】Dai Houliang plans for the direction of PetroChina

The first team of Changning shale gas block

Recently, the 50645 drilling team in the Sichuan Chongqing market has achieved an annual drilling depth of over 10000 meters, becoming the first drilling team in the Bohai Drilling Changning Shale Gas Block to reach over 10000 meters.

Tech China drilling 2024-06-14

Sinopec Sichuan Basin Shale Gas Exploration Achieves Important Breakthroughs

On the 11th, it was learned from the Sinopec News Office that Sinopec has recently made significant breakthroughs in deep shale gas exploration in the Sichuan Basin: the Ziyang 2 well

Signing of Gulong Shale Oil Development Agreement

Recently, Daqing Oilfield and China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute signed a framework agreement for the Gulong Shale Oil Scale Effective Development Innovation Consortium.

Fuling Shale Gas Electric Drive Fracturing System Comprehensive Upgrade

Entering the control room of Jiaoye 5 expansion platform in Fuling shale gas field, on the "Smart Brain" fracturing main control platform

Tech Sinopec 2024-06-11

Major breakthrough in deep coal rock pressure fracturing construction in Yumen Oilfield

Recently, with the roar of 24 fracturing pump trucks and more than 20 matching vehicles gradually calming down

CNPC PetroChina 2024-06-10

【ECF Weekly】PetroChina releases annual responsibility report

【ECF Weekly】State Council releases: Accelerating shale evolution

Major Breakthrough in Sinopec's Latest Coalbed Methane Cooperation Project

Recently, Sinopec Jingwei Company reported good news in the market. Sinopec Jingwei Zhongyuan Measurement and Control Company

The first fully electric driven deep coal and rock gas platform in China has completed large-scale fracturing construction

396 hours! Dongfang Honghua Electric, a subsidiary of Dongfang Honghua

Significant breakthroughs have been made in the transformation project of shale gas reservoirs in southern Sichuan

On May 29th, significant progress was made in the research and application project of Chuannan natural gas reservoir transformation technology at Jilin Oilfield Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute.

Sinopec's post fracturing core extraction technology is world leading

As of now, Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Field has completed 6 well pressure core operations, with a core length of 1122.96 meters.

Tech Sinopec 2024-06-04

Release of Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report of PetroChina

On June 3rd, China Petroleum released its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

【ECF Weekly】State Council releases: Accelerating shale evolution

【ECF Weekly】State Council releases: Accelerating shale evolution

The State Council has issued a request to accelerate the large-scale development of shale oil and gas, coalbed methane, and tight oil and gas

The plan points out the need to optimize the structure of oil and gas consumption. Reasonably regulate oil consumption

The latest pressure drive fracturing technology has been successfully applied in Bohai Oilfield

Recently, it was learned from CNOOC Tianjin Branch that the pressure drive fracturing technology designed by Bohai Petroleum Research Institute has been successfully applied for the first time in a low-permeability well in Lvda 16-3 Oilfield

Tech Sinopec 2024-05-30

China National Petroleum Corporation signs important cooperation agreements to promote AI construction

On May 28th, the Kunlun Model Construction Seminar and Cooperation and Co construction Signing Ceremony were held in Beijing.

Major Breakthrough in Dagang Oilfield's Domestic First Skid Mounted CCUS Technology

Dagang Oilfield Company adheres to the "dual carbon" goal as the guide to create new quality productivity

CNPC PetroChina CCS/CCUS 2024-05-26

【ECF Weekly】Xinjiang Coalbed Methane Project Passes Review

【ECF Weekly】Xinjiang Coalbed Methane Project Passes Review

The volume fracturing construction of the first coal rock gas well has been successfully completed

Recently, the fracturing construction of the Niu21 deep coal and rock gas well has been successfully completed, with a total liquid volume of 2204 cubic meters and a total sand volume of 208.9 cubic meters.

The cumulative shale oil production in the exploration area of Jiangsu Oilfield in the northern Jiangsu Basin exceeds 100000 tons

As of 10:00 am on May 19th, the 10 shale oil wells put into operation in Jiangsu Oilfield in the Subei Basin have accumulated shale oil production of 100100 tons and natural gas production of 8.5 million cubic meters


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