U.S. fuels the world as shale boom powers record oil exports

LNG shipments are just warming up. The sole export terminal in the U.S., operated by Cheniere Energy Inc., hit new highs this year after its capacity was expanded.

China LNG 2017-12-14

Chinese M&A Wave Could Be Bad News For Investors

Earlier this year, China approved the merger between its biggest coal producer Shenhua Group Corp, and one of the top five state power companies, China Guodian Corp, in a deal that would create the world’s largest power company by installed capacity and with assets worth $271 billion.

China Economy 2017-12-08

Shale Oil's Big Problem: Profits

Hint: very low F&D costs, excellent execution and, yes, actual profits (LTM earnings of almost $4/share). But Diamondback is certainly the exception, not the rule.

China Shale Gas 2017-12-08

Thailand's Banpu plans to raise coal output, looking at more shale gas

Somruedee said Banpu was close to completing its planned $500 million investment in the Marcellus shale gas formation in northeast Pennsylvania.

World’s largest ethane carrier ordered

The Luxembourg-based Jaccar Group has been entrusted with management of the construction of the very large ethane carrier (VLEC) in China.

China LNG 2017-12-06

Weatherford and Schlumberger JV wins approval

They plan to combine Schlumberger's large hydraulic fracturing fleet of high-horsepower pumps and Weatherford technologies used to stimulate multiple separate horizontal zones within shale wells.

Texas once again the most attractive jurisdiction globally for oil and gas investment

Texas and Oklahoma have, for years, been seen as the most attractive jurisdictions in the world for oil and gas investors — proof that sound regulatory policies and stable environmental protections help attract scarce investment dollars even when commodity prices are down。

China Investment 2017-11-29

China creates $270b energy conglomerate by SOE merger

Two Chinese State-owned enterprises (SOEs) have merged into an energy conglomerate with total assets worth 1.8 trillion yuan ($272.96 billion).

SOEs 2017-11-29

State releases agreement signed with China on gas pipeline venture

At a news conference this morning, Gov. Bill Walker unveiled the new gas pipeline agreement he signed in China earlier this month.

China Oil Pipeline 2017-11-27

Massive Chinese Investment Pledge Could be Game Changer for W.Va.

China Energy, the world’s largest power company, is the result of a recent merger between China’s biggest coal producer and one of its biggest utilities.

China Investment 2017-11-27

U.S. Energy To See Huge Investments From China

West Virginia announced the plan of the world’s biggest energy corporation—China Energy Investment Corporation—to invest US$83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia.

China Investment 2017-11-27

Made in China – the world energy market of the future

At the moment, China imports a third of its gas use mostly in the form of LNG. Almost all the long-term forecasts for the industry and the plans of the world’s gas producers from Russia to Australia assume that imports will grow.

China LNG 2017-11-27

Ineos to be first to deliver US ethane from shale gas to China

The deal involved the construction of a ship with a 95,000cbm capacity, due to be ready by 2019. The ship is known in the US as a VLEC, which stands for ‘Very Large Ethane Carrier’ and is being built in China under the instruction of the JACCAR Group.

China moves in on US shale gas

Meanwhile, an agreement between China’s state-owned oil company Sinopec, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, the state of Alaska, a Chinese bank, and a Chinese investment firm to advance the $43 billion Alaska LNG natural gas pipeline megaproject.

U.S. ethane will go to China

At the same time President Donald Trump witnessed the signing of West Virginia’s $83.7 billion deal with China Energy for petrochemical plants in the Mountain State, he also witnessed another deal to export 2.6 million metric tons of ethane per year to China.

Trump's China trip is a test for US natural gas exports and his 'America First Energy Plan’

U.S. LNG shippers can offer customers more flexibility in terms of shipment volumes, and American deals have allowed buyers to sell off their purchases to others, Brennan notes.

Chinese investment could begin to pay off within a year, Thrasher: 'We're going full steam ahead, immediately'

“We’re going full steam ahead, immediately,” state Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher said in a telephone call from China.

China Shale Gas 2017-11-13

Trump trip is an opportunity to ease US-China trade irritants

The economic and trade relationship between China and the US has never been so important and intertwined.

China Investment 2017-11-13

China Energy, world’s largest power company, to invest $83 billion in West Virginia shale gas

A memorandum of understanding between the company and American officials was signed as President Trump meets with his Chinese counterpart. The agreement is part of a broader package of deals signed between the two nations totaling well over $200 billion.

China Investment 2017-11-13

Trump’s China Trip To Reap Billions In Energy Deals

One of the biggest deals up for discussion is an investment of around $7 billion by an alliance including China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec, for an oil pipeline in Texas and an expansion of an oil storage facility in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


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