China's Carbon Neutrality Investment Will Be about 180 Trillion yuan in 2050

Zhu Minming, Vice President of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said that by 2050 China's cumulative investment in carbon neutrality will be about 180 trillion yuan.

【ECF Weekly】Jiujiang Petrochemical Sell Polypropylene to America

【ECF Weekly】Jiujiang Petrochemical Sell Polypropylene to America

ECF Weekly 2023-04-30

Jiangsu Oilfield's Wind and Solar Power Generation Exceeded 20 million Kilowatt Hours

Jiangsu Oilfield generated 21.68 million kilowatt hours of wind and photovoltaic power in the same year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 12600 tons.

China Electricity 2023-04-22

Shanghai Petrochemical Megawatt Photovoltaic Power Station Connected to the Grid for Power Generation

Shanghai Petrochemical Megawatt Photovoltaic Power Station Connected to the Grid for Power Generation

China Investment 2023-04-15

Xinjiang's First Photothermal Power Generation Project

The first photothermal power generation project in Xinjiang has landed in Hami. It is estimated that 198.35 million kilowatt-hours of electricity will be provided annually.

Jiangsu Oilfield Wind Power Generation Exceeds 20 Million kWh

Jiangsu Oilfield's wind and photovoltaic power generation units have generated 21.4716 million kWh in total, including 13.5024 million kWh of wind power generation. A total of 18365 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced.

First CCUS Project of Daqing Oilfield Reduces Carbon by 1 Million Tons

Shu101 pilot test area is the first CCUs demonstration project in Daqing Oilfield, which consists of three parts of carbon dioxide "capture, oil displacement and storage". At present, the largest carbon dioxide immiscible drive field test area in China has been built.

CCS/CCUS Tech 2022-06-22

Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers & Papers: ECF2022-12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit

Call for Speakers & Papers! Energy China Forum 2022 -12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit will be held on Oct 19-21, 2022 in Shanghai China.

Nitrogen Used by Guangzhou Petrochemical Decreased by 9% YOY

2022Q1 the total amount of nitrogen used by Guangzhou Petrochemical decreased by 9% year-on-year, with an annual effect of more than 7.5 million yuan.

Jilin Oilfield Develops CCUS New Annulus Protection Fluid System

According to the plan and deployment of the CCUS Million Ton Demonstration Project of Jilin Oilfield Company, the oil and gas engineering research institute further accelerated the development process of scale benefits of carbon dioxide flooding.

Tech CCS/CCUS 2022-04-19

Shengli Water and Gas Alternate Injection String Helps CCUS

"A water gas alternate injection string and operation method" developed by the researchers of workover and completion Institute of Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield has been authorized by the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office.

CNOOC Offshore Power System Will Produce 1.09 Million Tons of "Carbon Neutral Crude Oil" by Introducing Green Power For First Time

Zhangjiakou renewable energy power plant is continuously delivering green power to Bohai oil field, and China's offshore oil and gas fields have used green power for the first time. So far, CNOOC has purchased 286 million kwh of green electricity and 186 million kwh of green electricity sent to Boha

Technical Transformation of Fuling Gas Field to Reduce Carbon Emission

Since, Fuling shale gas company of Jianghan Oilfield has used the back pressure valve test process to reduce the venting and combustion of shale gas during gas well test and production, reduce carbon emission and energy loss, and increase development benefits.

Annual Carbon Storage Scale of Liaohe Oilfield Reaches 52000 tons

From carbon dioxide capture, storage and transportation to underground injection, Liaohe Oilfield has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, with an annual carbon storage scale of 52000 tons, equivalent to the annual absorption of 2000 mu of forest.

One Revolution of Frequency Converter Saves 200000 yuan Per Month

In front of the low-voltage distribution cabinet in the 6kV distribution room of the general transformer of the third chemical fertilizer plant of Ningxia Petrochemical Company, six employees of the third shift of electric instrument calculated an account for improving quality and efficiency.

Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment Technology in Shengli Oilfield Got Success

In view of the current situation of hydrogen sulfide treatment, the project team of Microbiology Institute of Shengli Institute of engineering has developed a high-efficiency desulfurizer with high sulfur capacity, good temperature resistance and strong compatibility after years of research.

Tech Sinopec 2022-02-24

First Geothermal Application Project in Changqing Oilfield Was Successful

The first geothermal demonstration project for the development and utilization of long shutdown wells in Changqing Oilfield has been completed and put into trial operation for one month.

Shengli Oilfield Completed the First Performance Period of National Carbon Emission

In the first performance cycle of the just concluded national carbon emission trading market, Shengli Oilfield successfully completed the first performance period.

Engineering Construction Company Won the First CCUs Demonstration Project in Dyeing Industry

Beijing Branch of engineering construction company received and signed the EPC contract of "demonstration project of carbon dioxide capture and comprehensive utilization of coal-fired boiler flue gas" from Foshan, Guangdong.

Service CCS/CCUS 2022-02-08

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