China is rapidly developing its clean-energy technology

WHEN IT COMES to energy, no country generates such bittersweet superlatives as China. It is the world’s largest consumer of coal and the second-largest of oil, after America. It has the largest power-generation capacity, by a wide margin.

Wind Power Solar 2018-03-16

China speeds up research on combustible ice in S.China Sea

China has launched all-out research efforts into industrial production of combustible ice, a potential game-changer in the fossil fuel industry already identified as occurring naturally in the East and South China seas.

Tech Gas Hydrates 2018-03-08

Sinochem Group starts up DuPont scrubbing system

The Sinochem Group has successfully started up a new MECS® DynaWave® wet gas scrubbing unit, installed as a Claus tail gas treatment process. The new unit helps reduce emissions at a refinery in mainland China in order to meet current SOX regulations.

Jiangsu Sailboat accepts new methanol to olefins unit from Honeywell UOP

Honeywell has announced that Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical Co. Ltd has accepted a new methanol to olefins (MTO) unit provided by Honeywell UOP, and that the plant is operating and has met all guarantees. With a production capacity of 833 000 tpy, the unit is the largest single-train MTO unit in the

China Petrochemical 2018-03-06

Renewable energy grows globally, especially in China: BP

A senior economist at BP said on Friday that rapid growth of renewables is leading to a fuel mix that could be the most diversified ever, with the largest increase in China.

Wind Power Solar 2018-03-05

China to develop oil spill clean-up technology

China plans to build a laboratory to work on emergency treatment of oceanic oil spills in north China's Tianjin Municipality, local authorities said Wednesday.

hte, SINOPEC RIPP intensify their collaboration in China

hte–the high throughput experimentation company announced the successful handover of three high throughput testing systems for advanced catalytic research to SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP) in Beijing, China.

China unveils policy for NEV battery recycling

Chinese authorities have published a guideline Monday on recycling new energy vehicle (NEV) batteries.

China Policy 2018-02-27

Energy revolution calls for rethink by fossil-fuel import ports: expert

A logistics researcher in Zhoushan, East China’s Zhejiang Province has called for forward-looking thinking among planners for China’s crude import ports amid the nation’s energy revolution, and the inclusion of renewable energy sources such as wind and tidal power to deal with a future of new-energy

Chinese city of Yinchuan to make all buses electric by 2020

Yinchuan, capital of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is aiming to make its entire city bus fleet go "green" in the next three years, local authorities said Saturday.

China Policy 2018-02-26

IEA Says China to Exceed U.S. Nuclear Output “Soon”

China will exceed U.S. nuclear power production “soon” due to recent initiatives taken by Beijing to accelerate adoption of the alternative fuel source, according to an International Energy Agency official.

Foam Based Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids for Shale Gas Market Size will Observe Substantial Growth by 2025

Global energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate. Conversely, energy requirements of developing economies are increasing at a rapid pace. Global focus on energy replenishment has shifted toward natural gas which is an environmentally friendly energy resource and also available in abundance. Natural gas extraction through hydraulic fracturing is economically viable as well as a popular technology around the globe. The relative permeability of shale rocks is extremely low; hence it produces very less volume of natural gas. Special extraction technology such as hydraulic fracturing is re

China Shale Gas 2018-02-24

KBR to build new polycarbonate plant in China

US-based KBR has received a licence and engineering (LBED) and an equipment supply contract from chemicals manufacturer Cangzhou Dahua New Materials (CDNM) to construct a new polycarbonate plant in Cangzhou City, China.The firms intend to initially build the plant as a single train facility having a capacity of 100,000mt per annum, with plans to expand to 200,000mt in the future.Under the contract, KBR will supply its phosgene-based interfacial polycarbonate PCMAX technology, along with basic engineering design package and equipment for the plant.CDNM chairman Xie Huasheng said: “The polycarbo

Tech China Shale Gas 2018-02-24

New wet gas sulfuric acid plant operational in China

Bestgrand Chemical Group has successfully started-up its wet gas sulfuric acid (WSA) plant, with a production capacity of 300 000 tpy of sulfuric acid. The plant will treat 131 000 t of acid gas over-the-fence per year from the neighbouring world-scale refinery plant, which is operated by a joint venture between CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp.) and Shell in Huizhou City, China.Haldor Topsoe was awarded the license, engineering design, technology service, and hardware and catalyst contract for the plant. “The successful start-up is a milestone for the WSA technology both in China and g

China nuclear reactor delayed again on 'safety concerns': China Daily

SHANGHAI - Fuel loading at the world’s first Westinghouse-designed AP1000 nuclear reactor on China’s east coast has been delayed due to “safety concerns”, the China Daily reported on Tuesday, the latest in a long line of setbacks for the project.The third-generation reactor, located in Sanmen in Zhejiang province, was originally expected to make its debut in 2014.Officials with the U.S.-based Westinghouse expected fuel loading to start last year, and it would have been followed by around six months of performance tests before the reactor could go into full operation in 2018.But fuel loading ha

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China -4

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China -3

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China -2

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China -2

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China -1

Breakthrough and prospect of shale gas exploration and development in China

Prospects for shale gas production in China: Implications for water demand-4-4

Table 3. Comparison of maximum water demand for Fuling shale gas development with availability and current consumption of water in Fuling and Chongqing.YearFuling precipitation (mm)Fuling total water resource (Mm3)Fuling water use (Mm3)Maximum shale-gas water use / Fuling total resource (%)Maximum shale-gas water use / Fuling total use (%)Maximum shale-gas water use / Chongqing total use (%)20091056.31497.27350.670.48%2.06%0.08%2010929.01179.64277.810.61%2.60%0.08%2011795.4882.63451.270.82%1.60%0.08%2012982.51304.69358.490.55%2.01%0.09%2013954.61229.52257.140.59%2.81%0.09%Table 4PopulationArea


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