Innovative Horizons: Celebrating the Pioneers at the 8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Awards

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8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award Ceremony

8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award Ceremony

(Leftmost: Young Joo Lee, Director of CCOP Secretariat; Rightmost: Zhangxing (John) Chen, ECF Expert and Academician)

The 8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award ceremony, a hallmark event championed by the Energy China Forum and the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP), was presented at the opening ceremony of the Energy China Forum 2023 the 13th Asia-Pacific Shale Oil & Gas and Unconventional Resources Conference (ECF2023) on October 18, 2023.

This event is at the forefront of recognizing groundbreaking advancements that are reshaping the oil and gas industry towards a sustainable future.  

The ceremony was distinguished by the presence of Young Joo Lee, Director of the CCOP Secretariat, and Chen Zhangxing, esteemed ECF expert and academician, who jointly awarded the honorees. The awards celebrated triumphs in various categories, from environmental stewardship to digital and intelligent technology, highlighting the accomplishments of institutions such as the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Southwest Petroleum University, and the Key Laboratory of Oilfield Chemicals, CNPC.  These pioneers were lauded for their innovative approaches in CO2 injection methods, fracture visualization technologies, and more.

During the ECF2023 Conference from October 18-20, 2023, these transformative technologies were on display, fostering a milieu of thought leadership and strategic partnership.  This interaction is vital for steering the future direction of energy technologies.

As we reflect on this year’s achievements, the Energy China Forum is already laying the groundwork for the next round of ingenuity with the announcement of the 9th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award.  The forthcoming Energy China Forum 2024 the 14th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Conference in October 16-18, 2024 in Shanghai, China. is eagerly anticipating the next set of innovators.  The invitation to nominate is open to those who are ready to showcase their forward-thinking equipment, technologies, or products, championing a comprehensive approach that focuses on innovation, dependability, and eco-friendly practices.

The organizing committee inspires the community with a resonant message: "This award and conference are the emblems of inspiration for those dedicated to propelling the Asia-Pacific energy industry and the global market into a new epoch." For more details about the 8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award honorees and upcoming conference participation, please visit to the ECF website with details on the 9th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award Nomination.

The 8th ECF Energy Tech Innovation Award Honorees:

- **Environmental Protection, Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Technology:**

  - Technology: Technologies and Applications of Complex Oil Reservoirs Based on the CO2 Injection  (Introduction)

  - Winner: China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Southwest Petroleum University

- **Digital & Intelligent Technology:**

  - Technology: Horizontal Well Injection Fracturing Visualization Inspection Technology, Equipment and Application  (Introduction)

  - Winner: Key Laboratory of Oilfield Chemicals, CNPC

- **Exploration & Production Technology:**

  - Technology: Fracturing Technology for Reconstructing the Seepage Field of Tight Oil Reservoirs in Changqing  (Introduction)

  - Winner: Changqing Oilfield Branch Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute

  - Technology: Tartan T-tracker Unconventional Oil & Gas High-temperature At-Bit Geosteering Tool (Introduction)

  - Winner: Shanghai Tartan Energy Technology Co., LTD

  - Technology: Key Technologies for Integrated Geological Engineering of Shallow Shale Gas in Mountainous Areas  (Introduction)

  - Winner: PetroChina Zhejiang Oilfield Company

  - Technology: Geology and Engineering Cooperative Development Technology for Pure Shale Oil

  - Winner: Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, China National Petroleum Corporation  (Introduction)

- **Stimulation & EOR Technology:**

  - Technology: Anton Real-time Iterative Fracturing Technology (Introduction)

  - Winner: Anton Petroleum Technology (Group) Co., LTD

- **Cost Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement Technology:**

  - Technology: Rotary Steering Drilling Tool for Pilot Hole of Reverse Drilling Rig  (Introduction)

  - Winner: Shentuo (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., LTD, CCTEG Beijing China Coal Mining Engineering Co., LTD

- **Advanced Technology:**

  - Technology: Drag Reduction and Anti-eccentricity Device for Horizontal Wells  (Introduction)

  - Winner: Shale Oil Development Branch of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company

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