The 8th ECF Tech Award for Exploration & Production Technology

Project:Geology and Engineering Cooperative Development Technology for Pure Shale Oil

Company:Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, China National Petroleum Corporation

Project Full Name:Geology and Engineering Cooperative Development Technology for Pure Shale Oil

Company:Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, China National Petroleum Corporation

Awarded:Exploration & Production Technology

Standeard:  International  Advanced Level

Projec Number:ECF-2023-SEP-1002

Principal Accomplishers:Meng Siwei, Zhang Jingya, Liu Chang, Lv Dan, Zhou Haiyan, Chen Zhewei, Liu Yuke, Peng Yingfeng, Wang Lan


Geology and Engineering Cooperative Development Technology for Pure Shale Oil


Key Innovation Points:

1. Develop a multidisciplinary integrated work system to provide a platform for geological engineering collaboration

2. Explore the source and sedimentary environment of pure shale organic matter, establish organic matter enrichment theory and evaluation technology

3. Analyze the multi-scale distribution patterns of hydrocarbon components and establish characterization techniques for the occurrence of pure shale hydrocarbons

4. Integrate well seismic data and combine real-time drilling data iteration to form pure shale dessert iterative modeling technology

5. Innovate the physical and mechanical theory of pure shale, optimize the design process, and form a "controlling near and expanding far" fracturing technology

6. Break through the conventional fixed pressure/quantitative drainage system and form a multi-stage energy utilization drainage system optimization technology

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

1. Based on geochemistry, petrology, and paleontology, develop organic matter source and sedimentary environment identification techniques suitable for pure shale, and guide the selection of favorable zones and exploration discoveries

2. By analyzing the micro/macro distribution of hydrocarbons, accurately calculating the total and movable resources, and optimizing the development of desserts

3. Establish a real-time updated geological model through the combination of well and earthquake, providing a reliable geological model for dessert selection and effectively guiding horizontal well drilling

4. Propose a fracturing design concept and process technology strategy of "controlling near and expanding far" based on the mechanical model of "thousand layer small pancakes", and guide the iteration and upgrading of fracturing technology

5. Efficient utilization of energy such as infiltration and elastic energy, collaborative optimization of production systems at different stages, and improvement of single well production

Technology Application: 

1. Clarify the enrichment layer, reservoir properties, and compressibility of Gulong shale oil, determine the optimal target layers as Q2-Q3 and Q9 oil layers, support the prediction of 1.268 billion tons of geological reserves, 1413 km2 of dessert area, and the optimization of horizontal well locations in the pilot test area

2. Clarify the physical and mechanical theory of Gulong shale and the mechanism of crack propagation, clarify the design concept of "controlling near and expanding far" fracturing, propose the design principles of segment few clusters, reducing the number of pores, improving guanidine gum, increasing cluster spacing, and multiple particle sizes, and increase the fracture length from 200-300m to 362-421m

3. Optimize the optimal well spacing to be 350-400 meters, propose the concept of "pressure control production", support the development plan design of pilot test well groups, increase the cumulative oil production in the core area of the light oil belt from 4531 tons to 6617 tons in the first year, achieve an EUR of 25000 tons, and support the preparation of an expanded test plan of 300000 tons

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