CNPC aims to raise its gas storage capacity to 15 bcm by 2025

China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) plans to boost its total working gas storage capacity to 15 bcm by 2025, corresponding to around 10% of China’s peak seasonal demand. CNPC plans to develop seven new storage clusters in Shengping, Pingdingshan, Huan An, Chuzhou, Liaohelei 61, Lujuhe and Baiju and will upgrade the existing storage sites by adding compression stations and drilling more wells.CNPC currently operates 24 out of 25 gas storage sites in China, and the other one is operated by Sinopec. CNPC supplied 7.4 bcm of gas from its storage sites in the winter 2017-2018, enabling China to c

CNPC China Natural Gas 2018-03-18

China's "Dash To Natural Gas" Bolsters U.S. LNG

China is the largest incremental gas demand market and will account for 30-35% of all new gas demand in the years ahead.

China LNG 2018-03-16

CNPC will boost gas storage capacity to 15 bcm by 2025

China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) plans to increase its total working gas storage capacity to 15 billion cubic metres by 2025, enough to meet 10% of China’s peak seasonal demand, the company said on Thursday.

China Natural Gas CNPC 2018-03-16

PetroChina - The Oil Giant That Investors Ignore

PetroChina, the public division of China’s state giant CNPC, has quietly become the third-largest oil and gas company globally, with a market cap exceeding Chevron’s since the start of this year; quietly, because it tends to stay out of most investors’ radars, for a number of reasons.

Alaska inches one step closer to Chinese investments in LNG project

The US state of Alaska is getting one step closer to Chinese investments in its ambitious energy program after US energy regulators began assessing a planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the state.

China LNG 2018-03-16

China is rapidly developing its clean-energy technology

WHEN IT COMES to energy, no country generates such bittersweet superlatives as China. It is the world’s largest consumer of coal and the second-largest of oil, after America. It has the largest power-generation capacity, by a wide margin.

Wind Power Solar 2018-03-16

China CNPC plans new gas storages, to expand existing ones

Chinese energy giant CNPC plans to raise its total working capacity of natural gas storages to 15 billion cubic metres by 2025, able to meet 10 percent of the peak seasonal demand, the Chinese firm said on Thursday.

China in no rush for second major Russian gas deal

China has said it is ready to sign up for more gas from Russia and other suppliers, but Beijing may keep Moscow waiting as it weighs up the need for greater pipeline imports against more flexible LNG shipments, analysts have told Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

China Natural Gas 2018-03-15

New JV plans to build LNG terminal in Jiangsu

Huagang Gas Group, a unit of China National Petroleum Corp., will form a joint venture to build an RMB 8.0 billion ($1.3 billion) LNG terminal and storage facility at the port of Dafeng in eastern Jiangsu province, JV partner Huifeng Petrochemical said in a stock exchange filing.

China LNG 2018-03-14

Zhuhai-Zhongshan pipeline supplies hit 20.7 bcm

A China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) pipeline linking the cities of Zhuhai and Zhongshan in China’s southern Guangdong province has supplied 20.7 billion cubic metres of gas since it went onstream in 2006, according to the company.

Shell looks to meet growth in LNG trucking in Asia

Royal Dutch Shell is planning to build a truck loading facility at its Hazira liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on India’s west coast as it looks to meet demand from industrial users, a top company official said on Friday.

China LNG 2018-03-13

China's gas consumption to grow 10 pct in 2018 - BMI Research

BMI Research expects China's gas consumption to grow by 10 pct in 2018

China Natural Gas 2018-03-13

Huge Chinese Demand Fuels The Next U.S. Gas Boom

China’s push for cleaner air and fuel is driving an unprecedented demand for natural gas, and the United States is well-positioned to seize this opportunity and export even more of its growing gas production to the thirsty nation.

China to tread more softly on coal-to-gas campaign

China’s energy regulator has struck a more moderate tone in its objectives for gas development this year, after runaway demand in the final months of 2017 led to widespread shortages and forced the government to overturn a ban on coal.

China Natural Gas 2018-03-13

China slows down spending on Belt and Road energy projects

The nation’s financing for Belt and Road Initiative energy projects dropped 28 per cent to US$14.3 billion last year from US$19.9 billion, according to data released Monday by Boston University’s Global Development Policy Centre.

China says to build pipelines, storage to ensure gas supply

The head of China’s top economic planner said on Tuesday that a natural gas shortage caused by winter demand for heating had ended, with the country ensuring future supply through measures such as building pipelines and storage.

Energy-hungry China to ramp up imports of Russian natural gas

China is seeking to increase gas purchases from Russia and a number of other countries, according to the State Committee for Development and Reforms. The Committee’s head He Lifeng said the reason was an extreme lack of reserves.

China Natural Gas 2018-03-12

China's two big oil majors urge tax breaks for building gas storage and imports

Top officials from China’s two largest oil and gas producers have urged the government to offer tax breaks for the building of gas storage facilities and importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to help avoid another gas crunch in the winter ahead.

China's energy giants return to Asian LNG market as sellers

Falling industrial demand and mild weather have turned China’s energy giants into sellers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia for the first time since last year’s massive import spree.

CNOOC approves Lingshui development plan

CNOOC Ltd has approved the overall development plan (ODP) for the Lingshui 17-2 deepwater natural gas field in the western part of the South China Sea.


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