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The EnergyCenter is a web-based energy information system designed to support all aspects of a sustainable, high-performance energy management program. You can collect, track and interpret energy data quickly and easily, all within the same program, which will streamline your energy accounting and utility management.

This “one stop shop” provides access to energy accounting, 15-minute interval data (IDR) and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, as well as features to track energy/utility retrofit projects and support for conservation programs.

  Energy accounting database

Easily organize and track the information required to accurately measure and assess the performance of each facility and energy meter, as well as the utility companies and other vendors that provide your service. Use one of the simple list reports to help organize and maintain your database.

  Interval Data Recorder (IDR)

Understanding and monitoring changes in a building's energy use profile is a critical step in achieving and maintaining energy efficiency. The EnergyCenter's IDR feature is designed specifically to help you reach this goal. A comprehensive set of graphing and reporting functions provide all the information you need for a detailed analysis of energy use at the meter or facility level. You can view data measured in 15-minute or hourly intervals for a single day, week, or month. The graphs compare the current period to the same period of the previous year, making it easy to spot spikes and other unusual usage patterns. The graphs also display the use and cost savings based on the differences between the two periods. You can also view hourly weather data readings, or overlay occupancy schedules to help identify energy waste resulting from HVAC and lighting schedules that are not in sync with building operation. Use the Meter Comparison feature to compare multiple profiles on a single graph, or the Meter Aggregation feature to show the combined profiles of a group of selected meters or facilities. Click here for screenshots.

  Advanced data display and interpretation tools

An extensive library of reports and graphs allow users to slice and dice data in most any combination. From tabular reports to colorful graphics, review or compare current usage and cost to historical patterns or rank facilities based on a range of statistics.

  Avoided cost functionality

Measure your savings and gauge the effectiveness of conservation efforts with methodology that follows the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPVMP), a widely accepted standard for energy service companies, engineers and utility companies.

Unlike many other programs, the EnergyCenter can account for the effects of weather on energy use as well as the simultaneous effect of other variables, such as number of student days, building occupants, or widgets produced.

  Savings Action Plans

Beyond tracking and measuring data, find practical help to reach energy saving goals with tools such as Facility Walkthroughs, Facility Action Plans and Checklists. These functions allow you to identify and track any opportunities to improve efficiency and to involve occupants in the process of targeted conservation.


  • ENERGY STAR ratings reports from Portfolio Manager

  • Dashboards and communication tools for targeted conservation efforts.

The EnergyCenter is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application. All software and data reside on servers that are maintained and operated in a secure data center.

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