Breakthrough in Ultra-Short Radius Horizontal Well Technology

The construction of the ultra-short radius horizontal well TH12293CH of Shengli Company has been completed, with the deflection capacity exceeding 70 °/30m and the bending resistance of the instrument reaching 90 °/30m.

Tech 2023-01-22

【ECF Weekly】CNPC Completed the First 50 Billion m3/a Gas Area

【ECF Weekly】CNPC Completed the First 50 Billion m3/a Gas Area

ECF Weekly 2023-01-08

Breakthrough in Benefit Development of Slim Hole Sidetracking Horizontal Well of CNPC Technical Services

The slim hole sidetracking horizontal well benefit development project led by CNPC Technical Services has made a breakthrough. Up to now, a total of 72 operations have been carried out in the risk operation area in Sulige, with a cumulative increase of 932 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Tech Service 2023-01-07

Self Developed Re-Fracturing Technology for Reconstruction Wellbore

Research and Application of Shale Gas Horizontal Well Reconstruction Wellbore Re fracturing Technology won the 7th ECF Energy Technology Innovation Award - Production Increase Service Technology Innovation Award.

Tech ECF 2022-12-18

A Technology of PetroChina Has Set a New World Record

Pioneer ultra deep penetrating penetrator independently developed by PetroChina has set a world record again, raising the perforation depth to 2258mm, and passed API certification.

CNPC PetroChina 2022-12-18

Efficient Oil Testing Technology Helps Exploration

As of May 27, the fracturing output of well Chai 14 of Ganchaigou shale oil field in Qinghai Oilfield has exceeded 30 days, with an average daily oil production of more than 30 cubic meters and gas production of nearly 3000 cubic meters.

Tech China Shale Oil 2022-12-16

Southwest Petroleum Bureau Won 2 More Invention Patents

Southwest Petroleum Bureau has obtained two more invention patents in terms of fracturing technology, namely "determination method of critical flow of proppant backflow wellbore after fracturing well pressure" and "an evaluation method of total net pressure in fracturing fracture".

Tech China Exploration 2022-12-15

Technical Breakthrough of CNOOC

The successful development of CNOOC 350 ℃ high temperature electric submersible pump has broken the barrier of steam injection development in China's offshore heavy oil fields.

Research on Pore Structure and Controlling Factors of Shale in Western Guizhou

The research team of the China Geological Survey conducted full pore characterization of the pore structure of the shale of Dawuba Formation of the Lower Carboniferous in the western Guizhou Province, and achieved innovative understanding.

Knot Fracturing Achieved Success for the First Time

Knot fracturing technology has been successfully applied in the high stress thin interbedded reservoir of Jiudong k1g1 reservoir.

Tech China drilling 2022-10-09

Changqing Oilfield Implements "Electricity Instead of Oil" Drilling Pressure in 108 Well Groups

The "electricity for oil" project has been implemented in 16 project groups and 108 well groups of the oilfield. The accumulated electricity consumption for electric drive drilling and fracturing has reached 108 million kwh, replacing 9405 tons of diesel oil and reducing 7806 tons of carbon emission

21 Sinopec Technologies Were Selected into the Advanced Technology Catalog

The Ministry of Natural Resources issued the Catalogue of Advanced and Applicable Technologies for Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources (2022 Edition), and 21 technologies of Sinopec were selected.

Tech Sinopec 2022-09-25

Breakthrough in 3D Horizontal Well Technology with Large Offset

The newly drilled Dingbian Luoping 30ping 1 well broke two records, marking an important step in the technology of large offset 3D horizontal wells in the oilfield.

Tech China drilling 2022-08-27

Electric Drive Fracturing Promoted by Xibu Drilling

The electric drive fracturing of Xibu Drilling broke through 1860 intervals, of which 975 intervals were completed by full electric drive and 885 intervals were completed by oil electric mixed drive, with a cumulative reduction of more than 25000 tons of carbon emissions.

Tech China Exploration 2022-08-18

3 Oil Displacement Technologies of Dagang Oilfield Are Internationally Advanced

Since the industrial application of the green and efficient oil displacement system in the 230 million ton reserve block of Dagang Oilfield, the high water cut old oil field has increased 980000 tons of crude oil, utilized 15 million cubic meters of produced water as resources, reduced 6 million cub

Tech China Exploration 2022-08-16

New Breakthrough in Clean Production of Jianghan Shale Gas

The paper "improving the sealing integrity of cement sheath of shale gas well and cleaning isolation fluid for interlayer sealing: indoor research and field application" published by Jianghan Petroleum scientific research personnel in the authoritative international petroleum journal puts forward a

Tech Shale Gas 2022-08-16

Xinjiang Oilfield Starts Zero Carbon Oil Recovery Mode

The success of the "intelligent inter pumping + off grid photovoltaic power generation" technology in the exploration wells of Xinjiang Oilfield marks a step forward in the exploration of zero carbon oil recovery mode.

Sinopec Developed the Microseismic Software Support

The Fraclistener microseismic software system developed by Sinopec Geophysical Exploration Institute has completed 50 exploration wells / risk assessment wells and more than 750 sections of microseismic monitoring services, and has obtained 38 national invention patents.

Tech Service Sinopec 2022-08-09

High Efficiency Interfacial Steric Surfactant Technology in China

It is the first time in China that the high-efficiency interfacial steric surfactant developed with domestic raw materials has been tested in Daqing oil field, and the price is half lower than that of foreign countries.

Key Technologies for Production of 30 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas in PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company Have Achieved Success

On June 14, PetroChina's major science and technology project "research and application of key technologies for the production of 30billion cubic meters of natural gas from PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field company" successfully passed the formal acceptance and was rated as "excellent".

Tech CNPC 2022-06-16

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