21 Sinopec Technologies Were Selected into the Advanced Technology Catalog

The Ministry of Natural Resources issued the Catalogue of Advanced and Applicable Technologies for Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources (2022 Edition), and 21 technologies of Sinopec were selected.

Tech Sinopec 2022-09-25

Key Technologies for Production of 30 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas in PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company Have Achieved Success

On June 14, PetroChina's major science and technology project "research and application of key technologies for the production of 30billion cubic meters of natural gas from PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field company" successfully passed the formal acceptance and was rated as "excellent".

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Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Modeling, Digital and Analog Integration

On May 7, in the Natural Gas Development Institute of Jianghan Oilfield Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, researchers were carrying out the numerical simulation of the deployment of adjustment wells in Jiangdong block of Fuling shale gas field.

Tech Sinopec 2022-05-12

Tarim Oilfield to Build China's Ultra Deep Oil and Gas Science and Technology Highland

An ultra deep reservoir water injection and production technology in Tarim Oilfield is developed in Fuman oilfield. Through high-pressure water injection and capacity expansion technology, the reservoir of 7 wells is transformed and production is increased.

Tech China Exploration 2022-04-15

Shengli Water and Gas Alternate Injection String Helps CCUS

"A water gas alternate injection string and operation method" developed by the researchers of workover and completion Institute of Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield has been authorized by the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office.

Using AI to Improve the Accuracy of Reservoir Fluid Prediction in Southwest Oil and Gas Field

Southwest Oil and Gas Field "method and device for fluid prediction using seismic data based on deep learning" won the national invention patent.

Tech Service Sinopec 2022-03-01

Jianghan Environmental Protection Transforms Scientific and Technological Innovation into Development Strength

Jianghan Petroleum Engineering environmental protection technology service company has received frequent good news in environmental protection business in Northwest work area, and won three market contracts in a week, with a total contract amount of more than 10 million yuan.

The first large-scale surface CBM High-end Drilling Rig Project in Shanxi Has Been Completed and Put into Operation

On December 20, it was learned from Jinneng holding equipment manufacturing group that on December 20, the Jinneng holding equipment manufacturing group Tianhe Zhongbang Shanxi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in cooperation with Beijing Tianhe Zhongbang Exploration Technology Co., Ltd.

Breakthrough in Shallow Gas Production Technology in Coalbed Methane and Oil-gas Symbiotic Areas in China

Based on the shale gas development process, Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Science and industry group innovated and adopted the coal measure gas development horizon optimization technology, large dip horizontal well drilling technology, extra thick reservoir stimulation and transformation te

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Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer, Shanghai ChinaEnergy China ForumDowntown, Huangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaFull-timeResponsibility:1. Responsible for international project promotion, including planning, publicity and copywriting;2. Organize or provide assistance to international industry summit, global conferences and other events;3. Responsible for daily communication, marketing, maintenance and following up with global energy institute, governments, associations and energy companies;4. Responsible for market research, including industry dynam

【ECF News】Summary of new technologies in major oil fields of PetroChina (1H 2019) - Part II

Dagang OilfieldTechnology: key technology for fine layered water injection in sand-flow and high pressure deep reservoirEffect: The project overcomes the technical problems of dispensing in HTHP deep inclined wells. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. And the multi-stage dispensing and inspection & sealing technology in HTHP deep inclined wells has reached the international leading level.Low-maturity shale oil cementing technology in Jilin OilfieldTechnology: supporting pre-stressed cementing & completion technologyEffect: The low-maturity shale oil reserves in

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - August 11, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - August 11, 2019

【ECF News】Summary of new technologies in major oil fields of PetroChina (1H 2019) - Part I

Summary of new technologies in major oil fields of PetroChina (1H 2019) - Part I

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【ECF2019】CO2 Fracking vs Water Fracking: Cost & Applicability in China - To Be Presented on Sep 25-27, Shanghai, China

ECF2019 9th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas & Oil Summit

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - July 28, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - July 28, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - July 21, 2019

China Oil Drilling Market Analysis

【ECF Mews】China Oil & Gas in 2018: shale gas exploration and development progressed smoothly; oil & gas exploration investment continued to rise

China's Ministry of Natural Resources released "National Oil and Gas Resources Exploration and Production Report (2018)" on Monday, concluded the country's oil & gas exploration and production status for the past year.1. Oil & gas exploration and mining investment continued to riseIn 2018, the investment in exploration and production of oil and gas (including oil, natural gas, shale gas, coalbed methane and natural gas hydrate) was 63.658 billion yuan and 203.106 billion yuan, up 8.9% and 24.7% year-on-year. 44,000km of 2D seismic survey was applied with an annual increase of 13.5%. 34,000 squ

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - July 14, 2019

ECF China Shale Weekly Review - July 14, 2019

【ECF News】Accelerated technological innovation in the oil and gas industry

Author: Lv Jianzhong, Deputy Director, CNPC Economics & Technology Research InstituteAs the pace of global energy transformation continues to accelerate, the international oil and gas industry is entering an important turning point and facing a historic choice of technology-led future. International oil companies and service companies are increasingly taking technological innovation as the company's power source and lifeline. In particular, more emphasis is placed on the practicality and pertinence of technology, the drive for value creation, collaborative innovation and cross-border cooperati

Tech CNPC ECFShale Opinion 2019-07-12

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