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China's Intelligent Equipment Industry Exceeds 3.2 Trillion yuan

The Deputy Director of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed that the scale of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has exceeded 3.2 trillion yuan.

Tech Service 2023-07-14

Exploration Technology Institute Has Been Granted 3 Invention Patents

"A new combined thrust bearing set for downhole motor" (Patent No. zl202110156233.0) "a PDC planar thrust bearing set for downhole motor" (Patent No. zl202110155976.6) "a PDC thrust bearing set for downhole motor foam metal adjustment" (Patent No. zl202110166443.8) developed by the Exploration Techn

Tech 2022-07-16

Shengli Oilfield Developed Gas Injection in Different Diameter Wellbore Helps CCUS Project

Shengli Oilfield researchers completed the development and test for the 139.7 mm reducing wellbore long-life gas injection process, and assisted the million ton CCUS key project "carbon dioxide displacement and storage demonstration project in Gao89 fan142 area of Shengli Oilfield".

Tech CCS/CCUS 2022-07-12

China's Promotion in the Field of Natural Gas Hydrate Resources and Environment

Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology, China Geological Survey recently organized the kick-off meeting of the major project "Western Pacific natural gas hydrate resources and environmental effects and intelligent detection technology" of Qingdao pilot National Laboratory.

Jilin Oilfield Develops CCUS New Annulus Protection Fluid System

According to the plan and deployment of the CCUS Million Ton Demonstration Project of Jilin Oilfield Company, the oil and gas engineering research institute further accelerated the development process of scale benefits of carbon dioxide flooding.

Tech CCS/CCUS 2022-04-19

Shandong Jereh Group Fills the Domestic Hap with a Number of Technologies

Through continuous R&D and investment, Jerry group has independently produced the first 3100 fracturing truck, the first complete set of cuttings reinjection equipment, the first large-diameter coiled tubing operation equipment and the first liquid nitrogen pumping equipment in China.

Tech Service 2022-02-17

Engineering Construction Company Won the First CCUs Demonstration Project in Dyeing Industry

Beijing Branch of engineering construction company received and signed the EPC contract of "demonstration project of carbon dioxide capture and comprehensive utilization of coal-fired boiler flue gas" from Foshan, Guangdong.

Service CCS/CCUS 2022-02-08

Northwest Oilfield Will Treat 515 Tons of Waste Oil Sludge in 2021

The well completion test management center of Northwest Oilfield takes the creation of a green enterprise as its own responsibility, scientifically treats the sewage sludge and effectively avoids the secondary pollution. From 2021 to January 23, 2022, the center has treated 515 tons of sewage sludge

Tech Sinopec 2022-01-24

Successful Industrial Application of New Explosive Wax in Oil Refining Sales Company

On January 13, it was learned from Yahua group that the new product of high viscosity environmental friendly explosive wax developed by the refining sales company successfully produced 20 tons of No. 2 rock emulsion explosive.

Tech Sinopec 2022-01-18

Successful Transformation of Carbon Capture Technology of Huaneng Group

Recently, China's first 120000 T / a phase change carbon dioxide capture demonstration device developed by China Huaneng Group was officially put into operation in Huaneng Shanghai Shidongkou No. 2 power plant.

Great Breakthrough Has Been Made in High Temperature Direct Logging Technology in China

Sinopec Jingwei Shengli logging company, which is in the construction of boshenxie 10 well, used the self-developed ultra-deep high temperature and high pressure direct push storage logging system, which broke the highest record of direct push storage logging construction temperature in China.

Tech China drilling 2022-01-05

Sinopec Put Into Operation the 200000 Ton CCUs Project in Yangtze River Delta

On December 27, the coal to hydrogen tail gas capture project built by East China Petroleum Bureau in Nanhua company was put into operation, marking the first CCUs demonstration project in the Yangtze River Delta built by Sinopec, with an annual carbon dioxide recovery capacity of 200000 tons.

Quartz Sand Instead of Ceramsite as Proppant in Henan Oilfield to Reduce Cost

This year, under the condition of ensuring the fracturing effect, Henan Oilfield used quartz sand instead of ceramsite as deep well fracturing proppant, saving the cost of 309000 yuan.

Tech Sinopec 2021-12-29

Sinopec East China Petroleum Bureau Has Built a 200000 ton CCUs Demonstration Project

On December 27, the liquid carbon company of East China Petroleum Bureau officially put into operation in the tail gas capture project of coal to hydrogen production of Nanhua chemical company, It marks the establishment of the first 200000 ton CCUs demonstration project.

PetroChina Has 16 Clean Heating Projects in Operation and under Construction

In order to ensure the demand for warm and clean winter in the north, with a new heating area of more than 9 million square meters, which is 1.6 times the cumulative heating area completed by the end of 2020.

Buried Capacity of Carbon Dioxide in Shengli Oilfield Reaches 2 Billion tons

The main battlefield of exploration and development of Shengli Oilfield is located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta. As a central energy enterprise rooted in the Yellow River, Shengli Oilfield adheres to the overall coordination of "double carbon goal" and "accelerating development", and vigorously promotes the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy, CCS (carbon capture and storage) and CCUs (carbon capture, utilization and storage) industries. So far, 87 new energy projects have been put into operation, with a green energy substitution rate of 5%.

Tech Sinopec Sinochem 2021-11-25

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer, Shanghai ChinaEnergy China ForumDowntown, Huangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaFull-timeResponsibility:1. Responsible for international project promotion, including planning, publicity and copywriting;2. Organize or provide assistance to international industry summit, global conferences and other events;3. Responsible for daily communication, marketing, maintenance and following up with global energy institute, governments, associations and energy companies;4. Responsible for market research, including industry dynam

China leads global efforts in clean energy expansion

​As the development of clean energy hit new records, China, the world's largest energy investor and innovation center, has made stronger-than-expected efforts to accelerate the process.

Engineering group ABB wants in on B&R projects

Swiss engineering group company ABB Group said it wants to get involved in Chinese EPC projects-or engineering, procurement and construction contracts-connected with the Belt and Road Initiative, to secure long-term returns.

Belt and Road 2017-07-12

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