【ECF News】Sichuan Changning shale gas: "push-up" drilling robot achieving first-time industrial applications

On July 28th in Sichuan Yibin, Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation's self-developed column processing system with the core “push-up” drilling robot which relies on the ZJ70D automated drilling rig developed by Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. achieved its first industrial application in PetroChina Changning H29 shale gas operation platform.After 7 years of development, Sinopec Oilfield Equipment's automated drilling and repairing equipment has now achieved industrial development. Total 14 sets of equipment that achieved automation of pipe string transportation from ground t

Chinese Scientists Find CO2 Better for Fracking than Water

Chinese scientists have discovered that carbon dioxide is more efficient to use in fracking than water.Fracking is the controversial process in which water or other fluids are injected into underground rocks at high pressure to release oil and natural gas deposits.U.S. environmentalists have denounced the process because of the huge amounts of water needed, the contamination of underground water supplies, and small earthquakes it triggers.In a new report in the journal Joule, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China University of Petroleum discovered that using CO2 instead of

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ECF China Shale Gas Weekly Review - December 28, 2018

ECF China Shale Gas Weekly Review - December 28, 2018

New Edition of SZ China Natural Gas Monthly Report 2018 Released

According to SZ Energy's market data, gas consumption of China reached 235.2bcm in 2017, up by 17% YOY. China’s souring gas demand in the past year was driven by warm economy, supporting policy of environment protection......Free trial:http://en.energychinaforum.com/report/detail/16.html .

Agenda Update on Sept 20 - ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

​ECF2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit – Conference Agenda

Solvay expands R&I center to internationalize its oil & gas business

Singapore, 10 July 2015 – Solvay today inaugurated a newly expanded Oil & Gas lab in its world-class Singapore Research & Innovation Centre. The dedicated lab space, team and resources will enable Solvay’s Novecare global business unit to internationalize its oil & gas business to serve its regional customers looking to develop in the segments of production, cementing and stimulation, especially in fast growing countries such as China, Malaysia and Australia, among others.The new lab showcases state-of-the art equipment and will focus on leading innovation and product development projects for

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