How can oil and gas companies transform? Sinopec provides suggestions

A major challenge currently facing the world is how to reduce carbon emissions while providing more energy.

The latest stage of China's major green and low-carbon policies

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has put forward clear requirements for "accelerating the green transformation of development methods"

Inventory 2023: Oil Service Giants Emerge! Shale Oil and Gas Breakthrough Again!

We have selected 10 hot tweets (categories) for the annual ECF International Shale Gas Forum based on the reading volume in 2023.

Tech ECF CNPC 2024-01-01

Zhejiang Oilfield Accelerates the Promotion of Geothermal Heating Projects

Zhejiang Oilfield Accelerates the Promotion of Geothermal Heating Projects

Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers & Papers: ECF2022-12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit

Call for Speakers & Papers! Energy China Forum 2022 -12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit will be held on Oct 19-21, 2022 in Shanghai China.

CNOOC Offshore Power System Will Produce 1.09 Million Tons of "Carbon Neutral Crude Oil" by Introducing Green Power For First Time

Zhangjiakou renewable energy power plant is continuously delivering green power to Bohai oil field, and China's offshore oil and gas fields have used green power for the first time. So far, CNOOC has purchased 286 million kwh of green electricity and 186 million kwh of green electricity sent to Boha

Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment Technology in Shengli Oilfield Got Success

In view of the current situation of hydrogen sulfide treatment, the project team of Microbiology Institute of Shengli Institute of engineering has developed a high-efficiency desulfurizer with high sulfur capacity, good temperature resistance and strong compatibility after years of research.

Tech Sinopec 2022-02-24

Jianghan Environmental Protection Transforms Scientific and Technological Innovation into Development Strength

Jianghan Petroleum Engineering environmental protection technology service company has received frequent good news in environmental protection business in Northwest work area, and won three market contracts in a week, with a total contract amount of more than 10 million yuan.



Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer

Energy China Forum 2020 Recruitment Notification - International Project Officer, Shanghai ChinaEnergy China ForumDowntown, Huangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaFull-timeResponsibility:1. Responsible for international project promotion, including planning, publicity and copywriting;2. Organize or provide assistance to international industry summit, global conferences and other events;3. Responsible for daily communication, marketing, maintenance and following up with global energy institute, governments, associations and energy companies;4. Responsible for market research, including industry dynam

Call for Innovators: ECF2019 Shale Technology Showcase

Seeking new shale oil & gas technologies

In China First, Hainan Vows to Ban Oil-Fueled Vehicles

The island of Hainan has become the first Chinese province to commit to a ban on fossil-fueled vehicles, vowing to outlaw them by 2030.According to a development plan released Tuesday by the provincial government, Hainan will ensure that all private vehicles are running on clean energy by the end of 2030. The plan also includes a number of nearer-term goals, such as ensuring that all new public service vehicles run on clean energy by 2020 and that most vehicles used for tourism, sanitation, and mass transit go green by 2025. An extensive network of vehicle-charging stations will be constructed

China Policy 2019-03-07

China’s Oil and Gas Industry to Focus on Environment Impact

China’s oil and gas industry is set to reinforce efforts to reduce environmental impacts of its projects and operationsin 2019, said a research.According to a new research from DNV GL, six in ten (61%) senior oil and gas professionals in China say their organizations are actively preparing for the transition to a lower carbon energy mix compared to 51% globally. Industry leaders’ focus on decarbonization aligns with the Chinese government’s new ‘Blue Sky’ plan to tackle air pollution by reducing emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides and other pollutants by at least 15% from 2015 levels by

China unveils new climate goals for 2020

Guidelines published by the leading party in China during the weekend outline efforts to cut emissions by at least 15 percent by the end of the decade.

Across China: Green oilfields prevailing in Xinjiang

After a day's work, the uniform of Li Sijiu, an worker at Zhundong oil production plant in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was still clean.

China, Iran, Panama sign probe report on sunken oil tanker Sanchi

China, Iran and Panama have signed an investigation report on the sinking of the Iranian oil tanker Sanchi, according to the Ministry of Transport.

China must keep momentum in energy revolution

In April 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council declared that a free trade zone would be established in Hainan by 2020, with a free trade port to follow by 2025.

Opinion 2018-05-08

Factbox: China's 2018 targets for energy sectors

China's parliament ended the first session of the 13th National People's Congress on Tuesday, approving the 2018 economic and social development plan, including those tied to the energy sectors.

China is rapidly developing its clean-energy technology

WHEN IT COMES to energy, no country generates such bittersweet superlatives as China. It is the world’s largest consumer of coal and the second-largest of oil, after America. It has the largest power-generation capacity, by a wide margin.

Wind Power Solar 2018-03-16

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