Significant Breakthrough in Intelligent Fracturing Technology for Xinjiang Oilfield

Recently, the intelligent research and development team of the Engineering Technology Research Institute (Supervision Company) of Xinjiang Oilfield Company conducted independent testing using shale oil horizontal well fracturing data

Tech CNPC PetroChina 2024-01-26

Sinopec's highest sand fracturing construction displacement record

Recently, Southwest Petroleum Engineering Company's Underground Operations Branch completed the sand fracturing construction of Section 12 of Fulu 2 well with safety, quality, and efficiency.

Sinopec 2024-01-21

Sinopec's record for the highest number of fractured sections in shale gas wells

Recently, Jiaoye 18-S12 well, which was constructed by Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Downhole Testing Company, successfully completed 57 sections of fracturing construction

Shale Gas Sinopec 2024-01-16

The World's First Set of 175 Megapascals Fracturing Equipment Application

On January 10th, the world's first set of 175 megapascals fracturing equipment was successfully applied in the key exploration well Qiyeshen 1 of Sinopec Exploration Company

Tech Sinopec 2024-01-12

Daqing Gulong Shale Oil Fracturing Has Once Again Broken Multiple Records

Recently, the Gulong Shale Oil Demonstration Zone in Daqing Oilfield reported another success

Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Drilling and Fracturing Indicators Set a 5-Year High Record

According to reports, Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Company completed drilling footage of 975000 meters and 3600 layers in two main specialties, drilling and fracturing, while reducing its workforce, both setting records for the highest indicators in nearly 5 years.

Sinopec 2024-01-08

Daqing Oilfield "Nano Scissors" Technology Assists Oil Displacement

Nanotechnology, as an emerging industry, is "emerging" in the field of petroleum industry technology and has become a new direction for Daqing oil professionals to explore.


Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Has Recently Released 10 Major Landmark Achievements

Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Has Recently Released 10 Major Landmark Achievements


The Highest Daily Production Shale Gas Well in Jilin Oilfield Since Its Entry into Sichuan was Born

The Highest Daily Production Shale Gas Well in Jilin Oilfield Since Its Entry into Sichuan was Born

Largest Submarine Pipeline Terminal in China

The largest domestic submarine pipeline terminal independently designed and constructed by China has been successfully installed in the Lingshui sea area of Hainan.

China Investment CNOOC 2023-09-02

【ECF Weekly】China Total Mileage of Gas Pipelines Hits 118000 Km

【ECF Weekly】China Total Mileage of Gas Pipelines Hits 118000 Km

ECF Weekly 2023-07-29

Jianghan Petroleum Engineering 110 Thousand Volt Substation

The 110 thousand volt substation in Fenglai block, in the charge of Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Equipment Service Branch, was put into operation.

Capping of Sinopec's Largest Three-Dimensional Warehouse

The stereoscopic warehouse of Tianjin Nangang Ethylene Project was successfully capped and will become the stereoscopic warehouse with the largest storage capacity of Sinopec after completion.

Service 2023-06-30

China's First Offshore Carbon Dioxide Storage Project

The first offshore carbon dioxide storage demonstration project in China has been officially put into operation, and large-scale injection of carbon dioxide generated by offshore oil extraction into the seabed has begun.

Breakthroughs in Karst Reservoir Research of the Largest Ultra Deep Oil Field in China

The "main controlling factors and spatial distribution of Tahe South Africa exposed (faulted) karst reservoir development" undertaken by the Karst Geology Research Institute of China Geological Survey has passed the mid-term acceptance.

Tech China drilling 2023-06-01

Daqing Petrochemical Carbon Dioxide Recovery Project

The 400000 ton/year high concentration carbon dioxide recovery project of CNPC Daqing Petrochemical's key environmental protection project has been fully completed and handed over to China.

400000 Cubic Meters of Low-Temperature Storage Tanks for the Sinopec Fourth Construction LNG Project

The T220 tank with a capacity of 200000 cubic meters of low-temperature storage tank in the Yantai West Port LNG project of the Sinopec Fourth Construction Company has successfully completed gas jacking after 120 minutes.

Cooperation 2023-04-08

The Longest Coal-Bed Gas Pipeline in China is fully Connected

The longest CBM pipeline in China, Shenmu Anping CBM Pipeline, has a total length of 622.98km, and the whole line has been completed and put into trial production.

China Gas Pipeline CBM 2022-12-02

Changqing Oilfield Built the First 100000 Ton Development Zone in China

The industrialization test for the transformation of development mode of Longdong Huaqing ultra-low permeability reservoir in Changqing Oilfield has been implemented in 116 wells, with a daily oil increase of 328 tons and a cumulative oil increase of 112000 tons.

Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum


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