【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec at 2023 International Chemical Exhibition

ECF Weekly 2023-09-09

CNPC Logging Has Built a Top Laboratory

The perforating technology research laboratory of CNPC Logging Company completed the normal pressure and high pressure collapse test of the perforating gun pipe, providing test data for the finalization of the company's pipe.

Tech Service 2023-09-08

Further Expansion of Strategic Cooperation on Electric Drive Fracturing Equipment of Baoji Oilfield Machinery

On April 15, Baoji Oilfield Machinery and Aoais Energy Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aoais") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guanghan, Sichuan. Tang Haiqing, chairman of Aoais Group, Nie Peng, general manager of petroleum engineering services Chengdu Co., Ltd.

Tech Service Cooperation 2023-09-02

Sinopec's 10000 Meter Deep Well Drilling Adds New Tools

The first domestically produced 365.13mm diameter large-sized sealed graded cement injector from Sinopec Engineering Institute has completed the second cementing operation, setting multiple records in China, including the deepest depth of large-sized casing (5853 meters) and the largest tonnage of c

Sinopec 2023-08-25

Breakthrough of Continuous Pipe Operating Machine from Petrochemical Machinery

The first domestic SLG630 electric drive automatic continuous pipe working machine independently developed by Petrochemical Machinery was delivered.

【ECF Weekly】1.3B Kw Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy in H1

【ECF Weekly】1.3B Kw Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy in H1

ECF Weekly 2023-08-05

First High-Power Ultra-High Pressure Fracturing Pump Test Bench in China

The first high-power ultra-high pressure fracturing pump test bed in China was recently built in Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, improving the efficiency and performance of drilling pump.

Tech China Exploration 2023-07-26

East China Oil and Gas Branch: Reconstruction of Shale Oil Demonstration Area

Two wells in Shale oil demonstration area of East China Oil and Gas Company completed 48 segment reservoir reconstruction, and two wells successfully completed reservoir reconstruction.

China Shale Oil 2023-07-11

【ECF Weekly】Fuling Gasfield Produced 3.5 Billion M3 of Gas in H1

【ECF Weekly】Fuling Gasfield Produced 3.5 Billion M3 of Gas in H1

ECF Weekly 2023-07-08

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec HK Company Enters Lao Refined Oil Market

【ECF Weekly】Sinopec HK Company Enters Lao Refined Oil Market

ECF Weekly 2023-07-01

【ECF Weekly】Natural Gas Production +7.2% YoY in May

【ECF Weekly】Natural Gas Production +7.2% YoY in May

ECF Weekly 2023-06-24

Petrochemical Machinery Drilling Tools Challenge Ten Thousand Meters of Ultra Deep Wells

The diamond drill bits and high torque screw drilling tools independently developed by petrochemical machinery have been combined and put into use in the 1500-5700 meter section of the second spud of the Shendi Taco 1 well.

Tech Service 2023-06-17

Installation of China's First 12MW Offshore Wind Turbine Succeed

The installation of China's first 12MW wind turbine for the offshore wind farm project undertaken by the Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport has been completed.

Wind Power 2023-06-17

China's First 1200 Square Meter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Production Electrolytic Cell

China Petroleum's first 1200 cubic meter alkaline water hydrogen production electrolysis cell has been offline at Baoshi Machinery Company.

China drilling 2023-06-03

Completion of Unloading of Liquefied Natural Gas for the First Cross-Border RMB Settlement Ship

The LNG transport ship "Marvin" from the United Arab Emirates has successfully completed unloading at the Guangdong Dapeng Terminal of CNOOC. This shipment is China's first imported liquefied natural gas settled in RMB.

CNOOC 2023-05-20

First Carbon Dioxide Injection System in China

The carbon dioxide injection system of CNOOC Enping 15-1 central platform runs smoothly for 12 hours under rated operating conditions, and the operating parameters of the carbon dioxide compressor and molecular sieve are normal.

Tech Service 2023-05-13

Maximum Photovoltaic Project in Shengli Oilfield Completes First Area Installation

Gudong Management Area, Shengli Oilfield, 106 MW Photovoltaic Power Station Construction Project Photovoltaic Part Installation Project South Four Area Photovoltaic Panel Installation Project.

Energy Reform 2023-05-13

Efficient Repair Technology for Complex Well Bore in Shengli Oilfield

Niu 43-Xie 3 well in Shengli Oilfield encountered a jam more than 3000 meters deep. The hydraulic boost salvage technology of Shengli Oilfield Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering was applied.

Tech 2023-05-06

Changqing Oilfield Implements "Electricity Instead of Oil" Drilling Pressure in 108 Well Groups

The "electricity for oil" project has been implemented in 16 project groups and 108 well groups of the oilfield. The accumulated electricity consumption for electric drive drilling and fracturing has reached 108 million kwh, replacing 9405 tons of diesel oil and reducing 7806 tons of carbon emission

【ECF Weekly】Jianghan Oilfield Made a Good Start in First Quarter

【ECF Weekly】Jianghan Oilfield Made a Good Start in First Quarter

ECF Weekly 2023-04-08

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