Longest Record of Horizontal Expansion Tube Wellbore Reconstruction in China

The Downhole Operation Company completed the re-fracturing test of Mahu reconstruction, with a total of 116 pieces of 1071.64 meters, breaking the record for the longest reconstruction of expansion pipes in the horizontal section in China.

Tech Service 2023-03-10

Scanning Electron Microscope Boosts Shale Oil Exploration

With the help of scanning electron microscope, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield reported the first batch of predicted geological oil reserves of 458million tons, which is ready for exploration and development.

【ECF Weekly】CCUS-EOR Project Promotion of Changchun

【ECF Weekly】CCUS-EOR Project Promotion of Changchun

ECF Weekly 2023-02-26

140 MPa Large Bore Check Valve of SOFE

The first set of 140 MPa large-diameter one-way valve independently developed by SOFE has completed 4 well times and 70 section fracturing operations in Sichuan and Chongqing, with a total service time of 204 hours.

Service 2023-02-26

【ECF Weekly】Prospecting Right of 100 Billion Gas in Yunnan

【ECF Weekly】Prospecting Right of 100 Billion Gas in Yunnan

ECF Weekly 2023-02-19

【ECF Weekly】the Fastest Drilling Cycle of Shale Gas

【ECF Weekly】the Fastest Drilling Cycle of Shale Gas

ECF Weekly 2023-02-05

BOMCO Was Selected as the Top 10 Achievements of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in 2022

The 7000m automated drilling rig with human-machine interaction of BOMCO breaks through the bottleneck of multi-equipment linkage and collaborative control, and has an independent root system with parallel operation mode.

Tech Service 2023-02-05

BOMCO QPI-6000 Fracturing Pump Successfully Developed

The new product of BOMCO fracturing pump——QPI-6000 fracturing pump completed 200 hours of type test in the pump industry branch, laying a solid foundation for entering the oil field field industrial test.

Tech Service 2023-02-05

Shendong Coal's First Set of Directional Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment

The first set of directional hydraulic fracturing equipment of Shendong Coal of the National Energy Group was successfully tested in Shangwan Coal Mine. This set of equipment combines directional drilling construction with directional drilling hydraulic fracturing.

Service 2023-02-05

【ECF Weekly】2023 China Energy Economy Will Return to 2019 Level

【ECF Weekly】2023 China Energy Economy Will Return to 2019 Level

ECF Weekly 2023-01-29

Jiangsu Oilfield Wind Power Generation Exceeds 20 Million kWh

Jiangsu Oilfield's wind and photovoltaic power generation units have generated 21.4716 million kWh in total, including 13.5024 million kWh of wind power generation. A total of 18365 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced.

Xingye 4 Well Fracturing Succeeded

The company successfully completed the construction task of Xingye 4 well, which is the first application of carbon dioxide energy-enhanced fracturing technology in Dongyuemiao Formation, and established the safety construction standard.

Shale Gas China Gas 2023-01-22

Sany Oil Coiled Tubing Injection Head

Sany Petroleum has developed a new generation of injection head by continuously optimizing its performance on the basis of summing up its on-site use experience.

China drilling 2023-01-14

Delivery of Jereh Dual-Mounted Coiled Tubing Equipment

The first domestic six-Benz dual-mounted coiled tubing equipment independently developed and manufactured by Jerry has been successfully delivered. This equipment will go deep into the well pad to help the development and safety of China's oil and gas resources.

Tech Service 2023-01-14

Completion of Tight Shale Oil Horizontal Well

All 14 horizontal wells of tight shale oil demonstration platform in Yanchang Oilfield have been completed. The record of the largest number of horizontal wells on a single platform and the fastest rate of penetration of horizontal wells at the same depth has been refreshed.

China Shale Oil 2023-01-14

【ECF Weekly】CNPC Completed the First 50 Billion m3/a Gas Area

【ECF Weekly】CNPC Completed the First 50 Billion m3/a Gas Area

ECF Weekly 2023-01-08

New Drilling Record was Set in Sichuan Shale Gas Market

In Sichuan shale gas market, well Ning 209H47, which was drilled by CNPC Bohai Drilling Company, successively refreshed the drilling indicators, creating a new record of shale gas drilling speed in China.

Shale Gas CNPC 2023-01-02

Jereh Passed the Acceptance of Electric Drive Fracturing Equipment of CNOOC Technical Services

More than 100 sets of electric drive fracturing equipment of Jereh have passed the online joint acceptance of CNPC Technical Services and major drilling companies. This project is the largest electric drive fracturing equipment leasing project in the world.

Tech Service 2022-12-18

Several Indicators of Shengli Fracturing Technology Set Records in Guizhou

The fracturing institute of Shengli Oilfield has completed 18 fracturing sections of Guizhou Shixi 1-1HF Well, with a net liquid volume of 29515m3 and a total sand volume of 3580m3, both of which are the highest fracturing construction records in Guizhou.

Asia's Largest Offshore Oil Production Platform

CNOOC Enping 15-1 Oilfield Group officially put into production. There are Enping 15-1 platform, the largest offshore oil production platform in Asia, and China's first offshore CCS device.

CNOOC CCS/CCUS 2022-12-11

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