【ECF Weekly】14 academicians attend Daqing seminar

【ECF Weekly】14 academicians attend Daqing seminar

Sinopec Sichuan Basin Exploration Wells Achieve High Production Industrial Gas Flow!

On July 11th, Sinopec Exploration Company deployed a key pre exploration well in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province - Yuanlu 177X well

Sinopec 2024-07-19

Extend gas field, strengthen coalbed methane development technology research and development

On July 11, the team of academician Li Gensheng, academician of the CAE Member

Major Innovation in Gas Production Engineering Technology of Fuling Shale Gas Field

Recently, the Fuling shale gas field of Jianghan Oilfield, in conjunction with Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Drilling Company

Tech Shale Gas Sinopec 2024-07-17

The latest fracturing plan for Western Drilling has reduced costs by over 300000 yuan

On July 11th, Western Drilling successfully completed the large-scale fracturing operation of two platform wells in Sulige Su 19 block.

14 academicians attend to establish the next development plan for Gulong shale oil

"Gulong, the Qingyi Station, is the east of Nenjiang River. A hundred years of exploration has not been relaxed, and the fog always surrounds the green mountains.

【ECF Weekly】University overcomes the global shale gas challenge

【ECF Weekly】University overcomes the global shale gas challenge

The biggest breakthrough in the 2.0 stage of volume fracturing of Jimsar shale oil

Recently, with the successful completion of the 21st stage construction of the JHW83-13 shale oil well in Jimsar

The latest shale gas fracturing robot developed by Chengdu University of Technology has been successfully developed

Recently, the reporter learned from Chengdu University of Technology that the university's geological engineering integration and equipment team has developed the first set of underground explosive fracturing robots in China after four years of research and development

Tech Shale Gas 2024-07-10

The industrial application of the transformation and development mode of tight oil reservoirs in Changqing Oilfield has reached a new level

After 9 years of scientific research and development, as of July 1st this year, Changqing Oilfield has implemented a total of 258 wells for the transformation of development methods

The expected output value of coalbed methane in Shanxi Province is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan

Our average daily production of thin coalbed methane single well extraction has exceeded 3000 cubic meters.

【ECF Weekly】The State Council guides ultra deep development

【ECF Weekly】The State Council guides ultra deep development


China's first shale oil hydraulic fracturing test completed logging construction

On June 27th, the author learned from the Longdong Shale Oil Market in Changqing Oilfield that the first domestic shale oil hydraulic fracturing test undertaken by Bohai Drilling Second Logging Company has successfully completed the logging construction task


China's large-scale development of coal and rock gas has achieved new breakthroughs

Recently, Jereh initiated deep coal rock pressure fracturing construction work on the Jishen 5-10 platform in Yonghe County, Shanxi Province

The latest shale oil development technology experiment in Tuha Oilfield is being carried out

Recently, after multiple rounds of scheme analysis and scientific optimization, liquid carbon dioxide in storage tanks is slowly injected into the bottom of the well in the Ji2807 well group of the Zhundong Oil Production Management Area of the Tuha Oilfield through a pry mounted injection equipment

Tech CNPC PetroChina 2024-07-03

Southwest Oil and Gas Field Newly Added a Tight Gas Production Block

At 10:18 am on June 27th, the Shunan Gas Mine Ta005-1-H1 well of Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company was successfully put into operation at once

【ECF Weekly】2023 National Science and Technology Awards unveiled

【ECF Weekly】2023 National Science and Technology Awards unveiled


The first shale oil development in the Jiuquan Basin of Gansu Province has achieved significant breakthroughs

On June 23rd, the Group Company's risk exploration well, Liuye 1H, the first shale oil horizontal well in the Jiuquan Basin

The first shale gas mass standard in Guizhou and other three provinces has been approved

Recently, it was learned from the Guangxi Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Association that the group standard "Technical Specification for Shale Gas Selection and Evaluation in Complex Structural Areas


China's first offshore oil field with a production capacity exceeding 100 million tons was born

On June 23rd, it was learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation that the Suizhong 36-1 Oilfield, the largest self operated offshore oil field in China


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