Record Large Borehole Construction in Bohai Drilling

The second spud construction of well Gao 31-ping 10 constructed by Bohai Drilling Company was successfully completed, creating the fastest record of "one-time drilling" construction of large borehole size in fault block Gao 5.

Annual Output of Changqing Oilfield Has Exceeded 65 Million Tons

PetroChina Changqing Oilfield, the largest oil and gas field in China, produced 65015500 tons of oil and gas equivalent throughout the year, creating the highest annual oil and gas production record in China.

China Exploration 2023-02-19

National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Achievements in 2022

1、 Crude oil output returned to 200 million tons after six years 2、 Natural gas output has exceeded 10 billion cubic meters for six consecutive years 3、 Deep-ground engineering promotes new breakthroughs in ultra-deep oil and gas

Southwest Petroleum Bureau Produced More than 7 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas This Year

Southwest Petroleum Bureau has produced more than 7.17 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, up 4.7% year on year; More than 100 new wells have been put into production, with a year-on-year growth of 14%.


【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

ECF Weekly 2022-10-02

Inner Mongolia Fracturing and Oil Testing Project Finished

The fracturing and oil testing project in the Inner Mongolia exploration area, which lasted nearly 3 months, was successfully completed and highly praised by Party A's Zhongyuan Oilfield.

Cumulative Oil Production in Fire Drive Industrial Test Area of Xinjiang Oilfield Exceeded 500000 Tons

The cumulative oil production in the fire drive industrial test area of Xinjiang Oilfield exceeded 500000 tons, and the recovery degree of the block increased from 32.5% to 42%.

Tech China Oil 2022-08-20

Deepest Well of "Shendi No. 1" Reached 9300 Meters, Setting a New Record in Asia

Sinopec's "Shendi Project" has made a breakthrough. The Shunbei 803 inclined well test obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow, converted to 244.3 tons of crude oil and 970000 cubic meters of natural gas per day, and the oil and gas equivalent reached 1017 tons.

Sinopec China drilling 2022-08-12

Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers & Papers: ECF2022-12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit

Call for Speakers & Papers! Energy China Forum 2022 -12th Asia-Pacific Shale & Unconventional Resources Summit will be held on Oct 19-21, 2022 in Shanghai China.

【ECF China Shale Weekly Review -May 8, 2022】NEA: China's Coalbed Methane Developing Rapidly

【ECF Weekly】NEA: China's Coalbed Methane Developing Rapidly

Henan Oilfield Exceeded Target of Adding SEC Reserves in 2022Q1

The evaluation data and results of Henan Oilfield have passed the final review of the reserve evaluation center of the group company, marking a new step in the reserve evaluation of Henan Oilfield SEC.

Successful Implementation of High Angle Fracturing Development in Low Permeability Tight Reservoir in Shengli Oilfield

On April 26, with the completion of fracturing of well section 11 of well yong936-xie5 in well cluster yong936 of Dongxin oil production plant, the first high angle fracturing development experiment of sandy conglomerate low permeability reservoir in Shengli Oilfield was successfully implemented.

Natural Gas Output of Zhejiang Oilfield in the First Quarter Reached 461 Million Cubic Meters

Zhejiang Oilfield has stepped up exploration and development and done a good job in the article of "increasing reserves and production". In the first quarter, the natural gas output reached 461 million cubic meters, 3.3211 million cubic meters more than planned.

First Microbial Flooding Block in Shengli Oilfield Increased Output by 170000 Tons

Luo801 block of Shengli Oilfield, the first microbial oil displacement block of Sinopec, has been continuously implementing microbial oil displacement for 22 years since 1999, with a cumulative oil increase of 172700 tons and a stage enhanced oil recovery of 5.93%.

Tech Oil Sinopec 2022-04-22

Largest Land Oil Production Platform in Asia of Jilin Oilfield Was Put into Operation

As of April 5, No. 16 platform of Xin215 block of Jilin Oilfield, the largest land oil production platform in Asia, has been put into operation for half a month. Among them, 23 oil wells produce oil, with an average daily oil production of 1.4 tons per well, and the other oil wells are draining.

Chinese Energy Giants: Increase Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, Promote Green and Low-Carbon Transformation

All the transcripts of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC in 2021 have been released. The report shows that in 2021, benefiting from favorable factors such as the rise of international oil prices, the operating revenue and net profit of "three barrels of oil" increased significantly.

Jianghan Downhole Test Won the Three-Year Market Order of Changqing Oilfield

Recently, Changqing Oilfield Branch of CNPC announced the results of centralized bidding for gas field oil testing and fracturing technical services from 2022 to 2024. Jianghan Petroleum Engineering downhole testing company stood out in the fierce competition with more than 200 enterprises.

China Exploration 2022-03-24

Daqing Oilfield Refreshes the Fracturing Record of Horizontal Wells

On March 20, with the tools of the fourth coiled tubing team of the second downhole operation brigade of Daqing Oilfield being pulled out of the wellhead smoothly, the fracturing construction of the whole well of Daqing pu190 Fuping 1 well was completed.

Gansu Qingyang Has Built a 10 Million Ton Oil and Gas Production Base

Qingyang has built a 10 million ton oil and gas production base, and the annual oil and gas equivalent has exceeded the 10 million ton mark for the first time, reaching 10.09 million tons.


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