China's First Underground Digital Intelligence System for Gas Fields

After the first underground digital intelligence system for gas fields in China is put into use, it is expected to increase the recovery rate of the entire gas field by 3% to 5%.

Service China Gas 2023-08-25

All 9 wells of the "No.1 Project" in Jianghan Oilfield have been drilled

The completion of the drilling of the Hongye 8HF well in the Hongxing area of Jianghan Oilfield marks the completion of all 9 wells of the Hongxing 50 billion cubic meter reservoir expansion project.

China Gas 2023-08-11

Accumulated Natural Gas Production of Yuanba Gas Field Exceeds 30 Billion Cubic Meters

The world's first 7000 meter deep and high sulfur reef atmospheric field, the Yuanba Gas Field of Southwest Petroleum Bureau, has accumulated over 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 40 million tons.

China Gas 2023-07-14

World's Largest Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas Receiving Station

The world's largest offshore liquefied natural gas receiving station has recently successfully achieved its first ship unloading and pipeline ventilation, entering the trial operation phase. The receiving station belongs to China National Offshore Oil Corporation.

China Gas CNOOC 2023-05-20

Qinghai Oilfield Has Achieved 32.73% and 36.66% of Oil and Gas Targets in 2023

As of May 8, Qinghai Oilfield has completed 32.73% and 36.66% of the oil and gas task targets for 2023.

China Exploration 2023-05-13

Jianghan Oilfield Made a Good Start in the First Quarter

In the first quarter, Jianghan Oilfield efficiently organized production and operation, and oil and gas production exceeded the headquarters plan, achieving a successful start.

Annual Output of Changqing Oilfield Has Exceeded 65 Million Tons

PetroChina Changqing Oilfield, the largest oil and gas field in China, produced 65015500 tons of oil and gas equivalent throughout the year, creating the highest annual oil and gas production record in China.

China Exploration 2023-02-19

National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Achievements in 2022

1、 Crude oil output returned to 200 million tons after six years 2、 Natural gas output has exceeded 10 billion cubic meters for six consecutive years 3、 Deep-ground engineering promotes new breakthroughs in ultra-deep oil and gas

【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

ECF Weekly 2022-10-02

Southwest Oil and Gas Field Get High Yield Industrial Gas Flow

The daily gas production of Moxi Well 019-H4 in Southwest Oil and Gas Field is 828900 m3, and the daily open flow is 1337700 m3.

China Shale Gas 2022-10-02

Natural Gas of Jianghan Oilfield Has Exceeded 50 Billion Cubic Meters

As of September 8, the cumulative production of natural gas in Jianghan Oilfield has exceeded 50 billion cubic meters. At present, the daily gas production is nearly 20 million cubic meters.

China Gas 2022-09-18

New Proven Geological Reserves of Natural Gas in China are 1628.4 Billion Cubic Meters

The proportion of natural gas in the primary energy consumption structure has steadily increased, and the new proven geological reserves of natural gas in China are 1628.4 billion cubic meters.

Cumulative Gas Production of Xinsheng 201 Well Exceeds 10 Million Cubic Meters

As of August 16, the cumulative gas production of Xinsheng 201 well in Zhongjiang Gas Field has reached 11.26 million cubic meters since it was put into operation.

Deepest Well of "Shendi No. 1" Reached 9300 Meters, Setting a New Record in Asia

Sinopec's "Shendi Project" has made a breakthrough. The Shunbei 803 inclined well test obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow, converted to 244.3 tons of crude oil and 970000 cubic meters of natural gas per day, and the oil and gas equivalent reached 1017 tons.

Sinopec China drilling 2022-08-12

Annual Natural Gas Output of Southwest Oil and Gas Exceeded 5 Billion Cubic Meters

As of August 4, the Southwest Oil and Gas Company has produced 5.035 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, an increase of 10% over the previous year, and the daily natural gas output has remained above 23 million cubic meters.

China Gas China Oil 2022-08-05

Cumulative Production of North China Oil and Gas Filed Well J66-4-7 Exceeds 9 Million Cubic Meters

The cumulative gas production of well J66-4-7 of North China Oil and Gas Company exceeds 9million cubic meters. The well has been in continuous production for 390 days with stable production.

China Gas 2022-07-25

Exploration of Ultra Deep and Ultra High Pressure Gas Field Technology in Tarim Oilfield

The Kara Keshen trillion cubic meter atmospheric area of Tarim Oilfield has produced 188.672 billion cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to more than 150 million tons of oil and gas equivalent, equivalent to replacing more than 170 million tons of standard coal and reducing more than 185 million

Southwest Oil and Gas Company Produces More than 4 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas

As of June 26, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Company had produced 4.12 billion cubic meters of natural gas, a year-on-year increase of 10.45%.

China Gas 2022-06-30

First 5 Months, Sichuan Produced 20.95 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas

According to the Provincial Energy Bureau, Sichuan produced 20.95 billion cubic meters of natural gas from January to may, a year-on-year increase of 5.3%.

China Gas 2022-06-21

Natural Gas Discovered in Ningxia

Qingshimao Gas Field in Ningxia is the first large gas field of 100 billion cubic meters in Ningxia. As the most important exploration discovery in the western edge of Ordos Basin in recent 30 years, the gas field has ended the history of "oil without gas" in Ningxia.


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