China's Energy Economy Will Return to 2019 Level in 2023

The Research on China's Energy Economy Index in 2022 points out that China's energy economy and macroeconomic are in a similar cycle, and the trend of macroeconomic and energy economy is good in 2023, and is expected to return to the level of 2019.

China Energy 2023-01-29

National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Achievements in 2022

1、 Crude oil output returned to 200 million tons after six years 2、 Natural gas output has exceeded 10 billion cubic meters for six consecutive years 3、 Deep-ground engineering promotes new breakthroughs in ultra-deep oil and gas

Change of China's Second Largest Oil and Gas Field

The crude oil output of CNOOC Bohai Oilfield exceeded that of PetroChina Daqing Oilfield last year, becoming the largest crude oil production base in China. This year, the total oil and gas volume exceeded that of Daqing Oilfield, becoming the second largest oil and gas field in China after Changqin

CNOOC 2023-01-22

Sichuan Basin's Natural Gas Production Hits a New High in 2022

Southwest Oil and Gas Field, the largest natural gas producer in Southwest China, put more than 300 wells into production last year, built more than 10 billion cubic meters of new capacity, and produced 38.34 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, making it the fifth largest oil and gas field

China Exploration 2023-01-07

China's Oil and Gas Production Has Steadily Increased This Year

PetroChina, Sinopec and other enterprises enhanced exploration. From January to April, the oil and gas production of major onshore oil and gas producing areas in China increased steadily.

Opinion China Energy 2022-10-16

【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

【ECF Weekly】16 Year Exploration of Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin

ECF Weekly 2022-10-02

PetroChina Continued to Improve in the First Half of the Year

In the first half of 2022, PetroChina realized an operating income of 1.6 trillion yuan and a net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company of 82.39 billion yuan.

PetroChina 2022-08-27

North China Oil and Gas Production This Year Has Exceeded 3 Billion Cubic Meters

As of August 12, North China Oil and Gas Company has produced 3.009 billion cubic meters of gas this year.

CNOOC Increases Budget Expenditure and Expects to Increase Production in 2022

CNOOC increased its budget expenditure and is expected to increase production in 2022. CNOOC is expected to push 13 new projects into production this year.

Global Market CNOOC 2022-08-18

Onshore Drilling Scale of CPTEC is the World's Largest

At present, ChinaPetroleum Technical Service Corporation (CPTEC) has become the one with the most complete business chain, the geophysical exploration service provider with the largest market share and the largest onshore drilling contractor in the world.

Changqing Oilfield and Tarim Oilfield Announced Production in the First Half of the Year

The two major oilfields of PetroChina announced their output in the first half of the year, of which Changqing Oilfield completed 32.9373 million tons of oil and gas equivalent in the first half of the year, an increase of 2.53% year-on-year.

China Gas China Oil 2022-07-07

Call for Speakers & Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

Call for Speakers and Papers: Energy China Forum 2022-Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Sub-Forum

China's Gas Consumption Decreases 1.8 YOY

According to the Statistics of the National Development and Reform Commission, in April 2022, the apparent consumption of natural gas in China was 29.71 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year decrease of 1.8%.

China Gas 2022-05-31

Austria Opposes Embargo on Russian Gas

Austria opposed the embargo on Russian natural gas and warned Germany not to change its attitude.

Cooperation gas trade 2022-05-10

【ECF China Shale Weekly Review -May 8, 2022】NEA: China's Coalbed Methane Developing Rapidly

【ECF Weekly】NEA: China's Coalbed Methane Developing Rapidly

Scale of Clean Energy Utilization in Upstream of PetroChina is Growing Rapidly

In 2021, the upstream will spare no effort to accelerate the development of new energy business and successfully achieve the set goals. The completed scale of clean energy utilization will increase by 256% year-on-year, and the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction will be 1.493 million tons.

National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration: Stabilize and Increase Production

Since the 13th five year plan, domestic crude oil production has picked up steadily, natural gas production has increased rapidly, with an average annual increment of more than 10 billion cubic meters, and the total mileage of oil and gas pipelines has reached 175000 kilometers.

Chinese Energy Giants: Increase Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, Promote Green and Low-Carbon Transformation

All the transcripts of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC in 2021 have been released. The report shows that in 2021, benefiting from favorable factors such as the rise of international oil prices, the operating revenue and net profit of "three barrels of oil" increased significantly.

CNPC Operating Performance in 2021 Reached the Best Level in Nearly Seven Years and Announced Its 2022 Plan Objectives

CNPC disclosed its operating results in 2021. In 2021, the group achieved an operating revenue of RMB 2614.349 billion, an increase of 35.2% over the same period of the previous year, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was RMB 92.170 billion.

CNPC China Energy 2022-04-04

Top 7 China Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering Technical Service Providers

Recently, CNOOC announced that China's first self operated 1500 meter ultra deep water atmospheric field "deep sea No. 1" has produced more than 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas since it was officially put into operation, marking China's entry into the ranks of advanced countries in deep-sea.


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