First 5G Intelligent Command Center of Sinopec Was Put into Use

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Source:Sinopec News

The first 5G intelligent command room in the oilfield sector established by Sinopec Northeast Oil and Gas Field was officially put into use.

It is reported that during the first operation, the geological engineering expert team from Peking University, the leaders and expert team of northeast oil and gas company and the on-site fracturing construction personnel crossed thousands of kilometers through the newly established 5g intelligent battle command platform and were in Beijing, Changchun and Songyuan in the form of multi-party real-time connection and multi-dimensional joint monitoring, Remote consultation was conducted for well Bei 201-31hf under construction to accurately grasp the pulse and make on-site decisions, so as to solve the problems of temporary ball plugging and pressure parameter adjustment in fracturing construction, so as to ensure the smooth progress of field fracturing construction.

The system integrates multiple subsystems. By constructing 5g high-definition security, 5g remote command, 5g + Ar remote assistance and other application scenarios, the system has multiple functions such as emergency command, video monitoring, safety early warning, data processing and so on, which greatly facilitates the communication between the field front line and the command authority. In particular, with the help of powerful remote video system, you can contact the company, the whole group and even the top technical force in the same industry at any time to analyze the on-site first-hand data in real time, and provide strong technical support for the front-line all day.

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