China Fills the Gap of International Standards in the Field of Coal Seam Gas Quality Inspection

On February 8, the author learned that the international technical report ISO/TR7262 "natural gas coalbed methane quality index and adaptability of current IS/TC193 standard" led by Southwest Oil and Gas Field Natural Gas Research Institute was successfully released. The international technical report is China's first voice in the field of coalbed methane quality detection, filling the gap of international standards in this field. So far, the Institute has taken the lead in formulating and publishing 4 international standards and 2 international technical reports.

ISO/TR7262 "natural gas coalbed methane quality index and adaptability of current ISO/TC193 standard" studies the quality and related quality parameters of coalbed methane according to the characteristics of coalbed methane mining, which provides technical support for the development and utilization of coalbed methane. In particular, the international technical report separately describes the indicators such as particulate matter in coalbed methane, which lays a foundation for the establishment of new standards and effectively promotes the continuous development of the formulation of international standards or technical reports.

The study of the international technical report was included in the international standard cultivation program of CNPC and exploration and production branch of CNPC in 2018. In the same year, the working group TC193/SC1/WG26 "coalbed methane and coal to natural gas" was established. After four years of international technical discussion and step-by-step draft review, it was finally recognized by international experts, Successfully completed the release of international technical report. This is the first time that the Institute has independently completed the whole process from the establishment of the international technical report to its release.

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Author:    News Time:2022-02-10


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