Method of Improving Microbial Oil Displacement Effect in Shengli Oilfield Has Won the National Patent

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Source:Sinopec News

"A method to improve the field test effect of endogenous microbial oil displacement" developed by the microbiology Institute of Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield has recently obtained the invention patent authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office. It is understood that this method is safe, environmentally friendly and low production cost. It has increased crude oil production by more than 20000 tons on site.

Endogenous microbial oil displacement is a technology that injects activators into water injection wells to activate the original microorganisms in the formation and reproduce in large quantities to produce surfactant and biogas, so as to increase the fluidity of crude oil, dredge the seepage channel and improve oil recovery. Due to the long distance from water injection well to production well, microorganisms have experienced the process from aerobic to facultative aerobic and then to anaerobic, and there will be adsorption and retention in the migration process of activator system, which will affect the effect of microbial oil displacement. Therefore, a new EOR method is urgently needed to ensure the effect of field implementation.

The invention overcomes the shortcomings of the prior art, uses the activation of endogenous functional microorganisms in the water injection well and the production well, establishes the microbial biological chain from the water injection well to the production well, and uses its joint action to achieve the purpose of improving the recovery rate of the test reservoir. The advantage is to break through the traditional method of injection from water injection wells, inject corresponding activators from water injection wells and production wells respectively, and realize the full activation of aerobic facultative aerobic anaerobic microbial community from water injection wells to production wells. The on-site implementation is more targeted and operable, and the produced liquid does not need subsequent treatment.

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