Engineering Construction Company Won the First CCUs Demonstration Project in Dyeing Industry

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Source:Xinhua News

Beijing Branch of engineering construction company received and signed the EPC contract of "demonstration project of carbon dioxide capture and comprehensive utilization of coal-fired boiler flue gas" from Foshan, Guangdong, marking the effectiveness and start of the contract of the first carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUs) project in the domestic printing and dyeing industry.

The project has the capacity of carbon dioxide capture and sequestration of 10000 t / a flue gas, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation by the end of this year. After being put into operation, 18000 tons of ammonium bicarbonate and 1850 tons of dry ice can be produced every year, which is equivalent to planting about 90000 trees every year, which has significant environmental and social benefits. This is also the first coal-fired flue gas CCUs project contracted by the engineering construction company outside the system.

Beijing branch continues to carry out research and tackle key problems around low-carbon technology. In the field of CCUs, we have broken through the barriers of high energy consumption and high loss, and obtained a series of research results such as low concentration carbon dioxide, high purity, low cost recovery and resource utilization. In the bidding process of the project, the relevant personnel repeatedly optimized the design scheme, adopted the multi amino high-efficiency and low-energy carbon dioxide capture and purification process, innovated and applied the equipment and materials such as high-efficiency low-end differential heat exchanger, and finally won the bid successfully.

Since the 14th five year plan, the engineering construction company has continuously strengthened the top-level design, technology research and development and market development of new energy business. The new contract amount of new energy in 2021 has increased significantly compared with the previous year. The first large-scale centralized power generation demonstration project of the group company undertaken by the engineering construction company - Yumen Oilfield 200MW photovoltaic power generation project, which was signed in the same year and connected to the grid for power generation in the same year; At the same time, it has also undertaken many new energy projects, such as geothermal utilization in xiong'an new area and Beijing Urban sub center, centralized energy supply of comprehensive energy in Guizhou Zhongtian financial North City, and hydrogen production and hydrogenation integration of 6000 m3 / h of Shengyuan positive energy in Inner Mongolia.

At the beginning of the new year in 2022, Beijing Branch signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with ERM, the UK, held discussions and exchanges with Dubai Research Institute, the group company, continued to build momentum for the speed, quality and energy storage of new energy business, and successfully made a good start in the new energy business of engineering construction company.

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