Jianghan Environmental Protection Transforms Scientific and Technological Innovation into Development Strength

Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Environmental Protection Technology Service Company has received frequent good news in environmental protection business in Northwest work area, and won three market contracts in a week, with a total contract amount of more than 10 million yuan.

Since 2021, the company has taken technological innovation as the core driving force of the company's development. Closely focusing on the needs of production and development, the company has increased scientific and technological innovation, cultivated characteristic technologies, overcome technical problems, and rapidly transformed science and technology into the company's development strength. Up to now, the drilling waste treatment and recycling technology has been successfully applied in 660 wells, treating more than 200000 tons of drilling waste, and the revenue of environmental protection business has increased by 10% year-on-year.

"The application of this technology means that the oil recovered from the oil-based mud waste is treated and reconfigured into oil-based mud to truly realize resource reuse." Zhou Sulin, deputy director of Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute, said that at present, it has been successfully applied in more than 30 platforms of Fuling shale gas field, and the total amount of reused thermal desorption oil has reached more than 2500 tons, which has saved more than 15 million yuan for the purchase of diesel oil for the drilling team and helped party a achieve remarkable results in "four improvements and one reduction".

Hongye 1hf, 2hf and 3HF wells are key shale gas exploration wells deployed in Hongxing block of Enshi, Hubei Province in Jianghan Oilfield. They have high liquid content of oil-based cuttings, long transportation distance and high transportation risk.

At present, Tarim Oilfield in Xinjiang is making a new breakthrough of 30 million tons of oil and gas equivalent, but the oilfield is located in desert Gobi, with fragile ecological environment and higher requirements for environmental protection. In order to ensure the realization of the new objectives of the oilfield, the company carried out the process technology optimization of the phase 2 oil-based rock cuttings treatment unit to overcome the process problems. After the optimization, the daily treatment capacity of the unit was increased to 120 tons, the treatment capacity was increased by 20%, and the energy consumption was reduced by 8.7%. In 2021, 30000 tons of oil-based rock cuttings were treated for Tarim Oilfield, effectively ensuring the normal oil and gas development progress of Tarim Oilfield.

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Author:    News Time:2022-01-25


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