Northwest Oilfield Will Treat 515 Tons of Waste Oil Sludge in 2021

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Source:Sinopec News

The well completion test management center of Northwest Oilfield takes the creation of a green enterprise as its own responsibility, scientifically treats the sewage sludge and effectively avoids the secondary pollution. From 2021 to January 23, 2022, the center has treated 515 tons of sewage sludge.

They established an accurate calculation model for the sludge of a single oil pipe. The sludge treatment has changed from "qualitative" to "quantitative". It is checked according to the actual amount of sludge treated and the number of oil pipes repaired, and the coincidence rate is more than 90%. They also established and improved the "sludge account" for oil pipeline repair, regularly reported the storage capacity of sludge to the competent authorities, submitted sludge transfer applications, handled solid (hazardous) waste transfer certificates, signed sludge transfer contracts and transported them to designated locations, so that personnel with professional sludge treatment qualification could operate in a standardized manner and carry out non-toxic and pollution-free purification treatment.

Through a series of refined management measures and processes, the well completion test management center ensures the true and thorough treatment of sewage sludge in Tahe Oilfield and the compliance of disposal, and promotes the establishment of green enterprises in the oilfield.

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