Jinxi Petrochemical Ultra Low Emission Environmental Protection and Efficiency Enhancement

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Source:CNPC News

Employees of Jinxi Petrochemical Thermal Power Company are inspecting the boiler soot blowing device of ultra-low flue gas emission project. Up to now, the project has achieved ultra-low flue gas emission, long-term and stable operation, reduced maintenance costs, reduced operation costs, and achieved an annual effect of nearly 10 million yuan.

In Jinxi Petrochemical Company's action to promote green, low-carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction, the thermal power company adopted the "flow pattern reconstruction" technology of Tsinghua University to implement the transformation of phase II boiler flue gas ultra-low emission project, and achieved the goal of ultra-low flue gas emission through desulfurization, denitration, dust removal and system supporting transformation of boilers 4, 5 and 6. This is the first time among the self owned power plants of China's petroleum system.

The transformation began in May 2020. After the team's collective technical breakthrough and intensive construction, all three boilers were transformed and successfully passed the trial operation in early August 2021. After testing, all pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, smoke and sulfur dioxide have reached the ultra-low emission target.

After the transformation, the boiler is greatly modified from once every three years to once every six years, and the original two minor repairs per year are reduced to one minor repair, which can save more than 8.8 million yuan of maintenance cost every year. In addition, the boiler can save more than 400000 yuan of electricity cost and more than 300000 yuan of startup and shutdown cost every year, with a total annual cost saving of nearly 10 million yuan.

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