CNPC Han Zhao: Under "Double Carbon", Energy Acquisition and Use Is a Major Strategic Issue

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On January 6, 2022, the 4th Haikou international new energy and intelligent networked automobile exhibition and the 7th China new energy and intelligent networked automobile Innovation Conference were officially opened. At the conference, Han Zhao, general manager of PetroChina Hainan Sales Co., Ltd., introduced China's energy structure, PetroChina's development plan, achievements and future development.

Up to now, the proportion of fossil energy in China's primary energy still reaches 85.7%, which is still dominant, showing the characteristics of rich coal, lack of oil and less gas.

Han Zhao said that China's dependence on primary energy consumption is much higher than that of the United States. The United States is already in the late stage of industrialization development, and China is still in the process of industrialization development. The "double carbon" goal is the goal of the post industrialization era. The commitment to "double carbon" reflects the Chinese government's efforts to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind in the face of global climate change and reflects the role of a big country.

As an important state-owned backbone enterprise, PetroChina has incorporated green and low carbon into the company's development strategy, followed the three-step overall deployment of clean substitution, strategic succession and green transformation, and strive to achieve the carbon peak around 2025, five years ahead of the overall national goal; Zero carbon emissions will be achieved in 2050, ten years ahead of the national target.

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