CNPC Carbon Neutralization Technology R&D center Was Officially put into Operation

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Source:CNPC News

On January 5, the Carbon Neutralization Technology R&D Center of CNPC was officially put into operation, aiming to improve the independent innovation ability of key technologies in the field of carbon neutralization and promote the industrial production and application of major key technologies in the field of carbon neutralization.

Relying on China Petroleum Safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute, the center is jointly built by China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute and China Petroleum Planning Institute. Focusing on the major technical needs of the petroleum and petrochemical industry, such as green and low-carbon transformation and the realization of carbon peak carbon neutralization goal, the center carries out basic research on carbon neutralization technology, research on common technologies before competition, technological innovation and transformation, and is committed to improving the industrial carbon neutralization technology level and independent innovation ability, so as to build a domestic leading, international first-class An open and cooperative technology research and development center. The center actively builds high-end think tank platform, carbon footprint technology platform, energy conservation and emission reduction technology platform and carbon cycle technology platform, and strives to become a standard setter for the implementation of carbon peak carbon neutralization strategy, a provider of green low-carbon and negative carbon technology, and a pioneer in leading the development of carbon neutralization technology.

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