Top 10 Forecasts of China's Energy Transformation in 2022

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International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released the report "top ten forecasts of China's energy transformation in 2022 - achieving high-quality growth under the transformation of low-carbon energy structure". According to the latest forecast of IDC, China's energy supply will be more diversified in 2022, and the proportion of non fossil energy in the primary energy consumption structure will increase to more than 17%. From 2021 to 2025, the digital transformation expenditure of Chinese energy enterprises will increase at an annual rate of 15%, and the digitization of production and operation will become an important driving point for enterprises to reduce carbon.

Forecast 1: ensure coal supply and price, and promote clean coal consumption

Forecast 2: policies drive changes in oil and gas supply and demand, and carbon sequestration injects new power into the business

Forecast 3: the expansion of refining and chemical capacity slows down, focusing on the layout of high-tech materials

Forecast 4: explore new applications of green hydrogen to help decarbonize the energy structure

Forecast 5: renewable energy power generation will go online at parity, and comprehensive utilization will become a trend

Forecast 6: the cost of battery materials will decrease, and the scale will improve the energy storage efficiency

Forecast 7: electric vehicles will maintain high growth, and high-voltage fast charging will seize the market

Forecast 8: green finance supports clean energy infrastructure upgrading and reduces transformation financing costs

Forecast 9: green power will promote the decarbonization of ICT industry and realize zero carbon operation of high energy consuming enterprises

Forecast 10: digital technology will improve energy efficiency and reduce enterprise carbon risk exposure

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