Great Breakthrough Has Been Made in High Temperature Direct Logging Technology in China

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Source:CNPC News

Sinopec Jingwei Shengli logging company, which is in the construction of boshenxie 10 well, used the self-developed ultra-deep high temperature and high pressure direct push storage logging system, which broke the highest record of direct push storage logging construction temperature in China - 197.1 ℃. China's high temperature direct push logging technology has made a major breakthrough.

Boshenxie 10 well is a key risk exploration well deployed by Sinopec in the Eastern oil area. The well depth is 6340m, corresponding to the high temperature of 197.1 ℃ at the bottom of the well, the maximum well deviation is 62 °, the horizontal displacement is 2900m, and the measuring well section is 1628m long. It is a typical ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature and highly deviated well. The biggest construction difficulty of this well lies in the well temperature. The maximum temperature reaches 197.1 ℃, which is a great challenge to the long-term stability of downhole instruments. Most domestic logging instruments can only work below 175 ℃ for about 0.5-2 hours, and will stop working at 200 ℃.

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