Sinopec Put Into Operation the 200000 Ton CCUs Project in Yangtze River Delta

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Source:Sinopec News

On December 27, the coal to hydrogen tail gas capture project built by East China Petroleum Bureau in Nanhua company was put into operation, marking the first CCUs demonstration project in the Yangtze River Delta built by Sinopec, with an annual carbon dioxide recovery capacity of 200000 tons.

All the carbon dioxide recovered by the project will be used for oil displacement in the oilfield to improve crude oil recovery. It is expected that 1 million tons of carbon dioxide will be injected underground and 330000 tons of crude oil will be increased in the next five years. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, East China Petroleum Bureau and Nanhua company will continue to vigorously promote the development of CCUs industrialization, accelerate CCUs technological innovation, and strive to build a million ton CCUs demonstration project as soon as possible. At present, East China Petroleum Bureau is planning to change Huangqiao gas field into a storage gas reservoir to prepare for large-scale carbon dioxide storage.

Since the cooperation between the two enterprises in 2015, the project has been completed in three phases. The third phase is put into operation this time. The industrialized prefabrication mode is adopted in the carbon capture link to further optimize the processes of the compression unit, refrigeration unit and liquefaction refining unit of the carbon dioxide recovery and purification unit. Only two skid mounted modules of pressurization and liquefaction need to be added to the main equipment, and the purity of purified carbon dioxide exceeds 99%, A standardized, skid mounted, modular, intelligent and unmanned integrated carbon capture technology has been formed.

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