Quartz Sand Instead of Ceramsite as Proppant in Henan Oilfield to Reduce Cost

2021-12-29 Viewed:416

Source:Sinopec News

This year, under the condition of ensuring the fracturing effect, Henan Oilfield used quartz sand instead of ceramsite as deep well fracturing proppant, saving the cost of 309000 yuan.

Quartz sand and ceramsite are two commonly used fracturing proppants. According to previous experience, ceramsite is better for fracturing in deep wells. This year, the price of ceramsite has increased significantly. In order to reduce the engineering cost, Henan Oilfield has increased the feasibility study of quartz sand as proppant in deep well fracturing.

Technicians carried out stress analysis on 83 oil wells in different blocks of Biyang depression, defined the effective stress acting on proppant at different horizons and depths, carefully carved the conductivity chart of quartz sand and ceramsite, and defined the technical boundary suitable for quartz sand replacement. The field application was carried out for 5 wells in Xiaermen and Anpeng blocks, and the well yield increased significantly after fracturing.

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