PetroChina Released the Report of World and China Energy Outlook in 2060

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Source:CNPC News

On December 26, PetroChina released the latest version of the World and China Energy Outlook in 2060 in Beijing. The report believes that achieving carbon neutrality is inseparable from "security balance innovation cooperation".

According to the report, before 2040, oil and gas will remain the main energy in the world, accounting for about 50% of primary energy, of which oil and gas account for 18% to 30% and 25% to 28% respectively. Achieving the goal of temperature control requires profound changes in the concept of production and life: first, speed up energy conservation and establish the concept that energy conservation is the "first energy". Second, accelerate the development of circular economy and form the concept and atmosphere of full utilization of waste and full development of green circular economy. Third, accelerate the breakthrough of key low-carbon, zero carbon and negative carbon technologies.

From the perspective of China's energy outlook, carbon peaking and carbon neutralization are global and strategic projects. Compared with developed countries, China has a shorter time and faster pace to achieve the "double carbon" goal, faces greater risks and challenges, and its transformation and development is more complex and arduous. Based on national conditions and resource endowments, we need to firmly establish the concept of safe development, adhere to the "two wheel drive" of energy conservation and optimization, adhere to the "two ends force" of supply and consumption, balance the development relationship between traditional energy and new energy, coordinate energy transformation and energy security, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, strengthen international energy cooperation, and improve systems and mechanisms, Comprehensively build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

In 2015, China Petroleum organization economic and Technological Research Institute began to carry out energy outlook research, which is the sixth consecutive year to release the medium and long-term energy outlook report, and it is also the first time to systematically explore the trend and path of clean and low-carbon energy transformation with 2060 as the focus.

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