Sinopec East China Petroleum Bureau Has Built a 200000 ton CCUs Demonstration Project

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Source:Sinopec News

On December 27, the liquid carbon company of East China Petroleum Bureau officially put into operation in the tail gas capture project of coal to hydrogen production of Nanhua chemical company, It marks the establishment of the first 200000 ton CCUs (carbon capture, utilization and storage) demonstration project in the growth triangle by East China Petroleum Bureau. The project is a CCUs cooperation project of East China Petroleum Nanhua company. In the early stage, the two sides jointly created "China South" In April this year, the two sides actively promoted cooperation, promoted the construction of phase III project with high standards and efficiency, and realized "approval within the year, design within the year, construction within the year and put into use within the year".

200000 tons of carbon dioxide will be recovered annually, all of which will be used for oil displacement and gas in the oilfield, help oilfield enterprises in conventional oil tertiary recovery and further improve crude oil recovery. It is expected that 1 million tons of carbon dioxide can be injected in the next five years, and 330000 tons of oil can be increased.

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