CNPC Continuous Pipe Operation Technology R&D Center Established

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Source:CNPC News

The reporter learned from Jianghan Machinery Research Institute of Engineering Technology Research Institute that the "continuous pipe operation technology R&D center of CNPC" (hereinafter referred to as the R&D center) was officially established.

The R&D center, led by the Engineering Technology Research Institute, is positioned as the "Staff Department" of continuous management operation technology of the group company, the continuous management frontier and high-tech R&D center, the continuous management technology and equipment achievement transformation base, the professional and technical personnel training and operation training base, and the technical exchange, sharing and coordination platform.

Since the independent development of continuous pipe technology, with the unified deployment and support of the group company, continuous pipe operation machines of 3 types and 8 structures, 13 types of continuous pipes in 4 categories, 5 series of continuous pipe operation technology, more than 30 processes and nearly 100 supporting tools have been developed. Over the past decade, through the support and joint efforts of various professional companies, the complete set of technical system has promoted more than 120 sets of continuous pipe operation equipment, nearly 3000 sets of tools and more than 16000 tons of continuous pipe in more than 23000 wells of 22 oil and gas fields, with the domestic share of products exceeding 80%, the comprehensive operation efficiency increased by 3 ~ 4 times, the operation cost reduced by about 40%, and realized safe operation without personnel accidents in 15 years, The economic benefit is very remarkable.

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