The first large-scale surface CBM High-end Drilling Rig Project in Shanxi Has Been Completed and Put into Operation

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Source:Sinopec News

On December 20, it was learned from Jinneng holding equipment manufacturing group that on December 20, the Jinneng holding equipment manufacturing group Tianhe Zhongbang Shanxi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in cooperation with Beijing Tianhe Zhongbang Exploration Technology Co., Ltd., was unveiled, marking the completion and operation of the first large-scale surface CBM high-end drilling rig project in Shanxi, This has filled the gap in the CBM equipment manufacturing industry chain in the province.

Official data show that Shanxi has proven geological reserves of 1.06 trillion cubic meters of coalbed methane, accounting for about 89.83% of the country. In 2020, the output of coalbed methane in Shanxi will be 8.146 billion cubic meters, accounting for 85% of the total output of coalbed methane in China.

Huge reserves and production put forward higher requirements for CBM mining equipment, and it is urgent to form a high-end CBM equipment manufacturing industrial chain.

The relevant person in charge of the company said that after the above project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to achieve an annual production scale of 350 high-end drilling rigs, with an annual sales revenue of 490 million yuan and a total profit of 45 million yuan. At present, the construction of the main plant of the project has been completed, and the basic equipment is in place. The first product assembly will be completed by the end of December, and the batch trial production stage will be started in January 2022.

In the next step, Jinneng holding equipment manufacturing group will rely on the manufacturing advantages of kilometer directional drilling rig, gas power generation equipment and large surface high-end drilling rig of the enterprise, combined with the measurement while drilling system cooperated with Zhongtian Qiming Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., to jointly form a three-dimensional and whole process solution for the upper and underground pumping and utilization of coalbed methane wells, Build the whole industrial chain of "manufacturing + service" of coalbed methane equipment.

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