ECF China Shale Weekly Review -Dec 12, 2021

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ECF China Shale Weekly Review -Dec 12, 2021

Policy & Industry         


China speeding the develop & application of advanced oil & gas exploration technologies to ensure national energy security in 2022

China holds key economic meeting, the annual Central Economic Work Conference, in Beijing from Wednesday to Friday as Chinese leaders mapped out priorities for the economic work in 2022. According to the meeting , 

China should enhance its capacity to ensure resource production and accelerate the development and application of advanced technologies for exploiting oil and gas and other resources. 

The gradual withdrawal of traditional energy sources should be based on safe and reliable replacement of new energy sources.

China will vigorously pursue green and low-carbon technologies. 

Newly added renewable energy and raw material energy will not be included in total energy consumption control.

Exploration & Production

Sinopec made a new breakthrough in the evaluation of deep shale gas in Dingshan Block 

On Nov 23, the development evaluation well of Dingye 5-1HF, which was deployed by Sinopec Southwest Oil and Gas Company in the high pressure area of Dingshan block, was tested and achieved a daily output of 194,100 cubic meters, making a new breakthrough in the evaluation of deep shale gas in Dingshan block.

In Mar 2019, Sinopec said that an exploration well called Dongye-1, which was drilled in the shale gas field in the Dingshan-Dongxi Block, had a daily output of 310,000 cubic meters in test production.

Sinopec Ordos Basin Produced 50 Bil Cubic Meters Gas As of Nov 26, the two major gas fields of Daniudi and Dongsheng owned by Sinopec North China Petroleum Bureau in Ordos Basin have produced more than 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Daniudi gas field is the first large gas field successfully developed by Sinopec in Ordos Basin. At present, the daily gas production of the two gas fields is 14.3 million cubic meters.


CNPC First Digital Drilling Team UnveiledTeam 80025 of Chuanqing drilling engineering company, the first digital transformation pilot team of CNPC, has basically realized intelligent production organization and engineering operation by relying on digital empowerment. 

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