Operation Test of the Largest Expansion Cylinder in China in Super Long Horizontal Section Successed

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Source:CNPC News

The largest expansion cylinder independently developed by Changqing Downhole Company of CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company was successfully tested in the 3500 m ultra long horizontal section of Changqing tight gas Jing 51-30h1 well, creating the deepest construction record of 6835m domestic coiled tubing horizontal well and equalling the construction record of 3500m domestic longest horizontal section of coiled tubing.

Limited by road transportation conditions, at present, the capacity of expansion cylinder can only meet the operation within 6500m well depth. Faced with the increasing number of ultra long horizontal section wells and ultra deep wells, Changqing Downhole Company, together with Jianghan Machinery Research Institute, creatively designed the lifting mode of cylinder, combined with the outer edge of removable cylinder, and increased the capacity of on-site butt welding to 23 / 8 "ct-8000m and 2" ct-11000m under the condition of meeting the domestic road transportation conditions.

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