Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Breaks Record of the Shortest Drilling Cycle in Zheng'an Block of Shale Gas in Guizhou

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Source:Sinopec News

    On November 29, the drilling of Anye 7-6hf well, which was undertaken by the 50142jh drilling crew of the second drilling company of Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Company, was successfully completed. The designed well depth is 3574m, the designed drilling cycle is 40 days, the actual drilling depth is 3600m, the drilling cycle is 28.33 days, and the saving cycle is 11.67 days, breaking the record of the shortest drilling cycle in Zheng'an block of shale gas in Guizhou.

    The company took Anye 7-6hf well, the first well under construction, as the "stepping stone" for the development of new markets. It made precise decisions in production organization, constantly made preparations for materials, equipment and equipment, paid close attention to the division and cooperation of personnel, paid close attention to production and operation, and strengthened communication with Party A and subcontractors, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production and realistic management. In terms of technical management, intensive cultivation, in-depth research and study of engineering geological data in the work area, drawing on the construction experience of adjacent wells, repeatedly carried out technical discussions, improved the technical scheme, and achieved the integrated construction of "engineering, mud, geology, orientation and guidance". In terms of operation and management, we have kept improving, issued a separate incentive policy for Zheng'an project, held kick-off meetings and mobilization meetings, compacted the responsibilities of each post, stimulated the potential of each post, continuously tapped the potential and created efficiency, and improved work efficiency. In terms of safety management, it is meticulous and rigorous, regularly carries out safety warning education and training, strengthens supervision on key processes and high-risk operations, and investigates hidden dangers to ensure safe and efficient production.

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