PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company Produced More Gas than Last Year

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    From January to October, the output of Southwest Oil and Gas Field increased by 11.7% year-on-year, and the annual natural gas output is expected to exceed 35.3 billion cubic meters. At present, the daily industrial output of natural gas in southwest oil and gas field is about 100 million cubic meters. If a family of three uses about one cubic meter of natural gas every day as the average value, the daily gas demand of more than 300 million people can be guaranteed.

    Anyue Gasfield, a 15 billion cubic meter super large gas field, was fully completed, and the project with a large-scale production of 18 billion cubic meters was carried out in an orderly manner; Shale gas development in southern Sichuan is in full swing. Based on the stable production of 10 billion cubic meters in the middle and deep layers, the production project of 15 billion cubic meters in the deep layers has been fully started; The wellhead of Triassic and Permian pilot production in Western Sichuan is high-yield, and a scale of 2 billion cubic meters will be built in the first quarter of 2022; The preparation for high sulfur development in Northeast Sichuan has been fully completed, and the scale production of 4 billion cubic meters has been accelerated; The tight gas TPO evaluation of Jinqiu gas field has achieved remarkable results, and the development preparation for the upper production of 2.5 billion m3 has been basically completed.

    The new area continues to produce. Southwest Oil and Gas Field paid close attention to the speed and efficiency of new wells, focused on the integration of geological engineering, optimized the deployment of new wells, strengthened process tracking and real-time optimization and adjustment, and the average daily test output of a single well reached 790000 m3. Pay close attention to the construction progress of key ground projects. Eight key surface projects such as Shaximiao Formation tight gas capacity expansion surface project in Qiulin block and Weiyuan Leshan gas transmission pipeline project have been efficiently completed, with a new surface daily gathering and transmission capacity of 26 million cubic meters, effectively ensuring the full play of natural gas production capacity.

    Southwest Oil and Gas Field gives full play to the natural gas "granary" function and emergency support role of the gas storage. The gas storage volume of Xiangguosi Gasfield has reached 4.24 billion cubic meters, the cumulative gas injection of the first gas storage group in Sichuan has exceeded 50 million cubic meters, and the daily supply capacity in winter has reached 28.55 million cubic meters, injecting confindence for peak shaving and supply in this winter and next spring.

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